Have you ever considered using Thumbtack to find clients?  I confess until I interviewed Bianca Scott I didn’t realize what an awesome opportunity the platform could be for freelancers!

This episode is a goldmine for tips and tricks that apply to any platform, but you will certainly learn the ins and outs of using Thumbtack to find clients and scale your business. Bianca shares how she got reviews before she landed paying clients, how to leverage social media to become a trusted service provider, and when to leave your 9-5 to work your side hustle full-time.

Here are some things we covered in this episode:

  • How to get clients on Thumbtack
  • Why you should do pro-bono work
  • How to use your family and friends to gain honest reviews
  • Utilizing multiple platforms for the same client review
  • When to leave your 9-5 to work your side hustle full-time
  • Learn secrets to scale your business
  • How to use social media to grow your business
  • Contracts and payments through Thumbtack

About Bianca:

Bianca Scott is the CEO of BusyB Writing, LLC. After receiving her undergraduate degree at Huntingdon College and her graduate degree at the University of South Alabama, she used her communication studies major to land a job at a small architecture firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Although she spent four years as a marketing specialist, her passion has always been writing. In 2016, she received a tip on how she could monetize her hobby by helping others who lack professional and creative writing skills, and the rest is history. Since beginning her business, she has been rated as a Top Pro by Thumbtack and helped over 150 people with their writing and book publishing projects.

Bianca’s Links:

Link to start business checklist (e-book): busybwriting.com/shopbusyb/metaa-z

Link to start business checklist (hardback): amazon.com/Metamorphosis-Z-Ultimate-Checklist-Entrepreneurs/dp/170163774X/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=metamorphosis+a-z&qid=1585940314&sr=8-2