Have you ever put yourself in your clients shoes to ensure that you are delivering an exceptional experience? You may be making mistakes with your clients that could become problematic.  My guest, Anthony Park, shares the following top five things that your client wants you to know:

  1. The time of your client is more important than money
  2. Good is better than fast
  3. Know your competition
  4. You have to be turnkey
  5. Level up to be a trusted advisor

Here are some things we covered in this episode:

  • Minimize the time your client spends explaining things to you
  • Take the pressure off your client by reducing their decision-making time
  • Why you should schedule your emails
  • Make sure the experience you create with your client is more advantageous than not
  • How to position yourself even when there are other solutions out there
  • How think one step ahead of your client
  • Know the style, brand, and needs of your client
  • How to be a resource to your client
  • Why you should step into the role of a strategic advisor
  • What mistakes you should avoid

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About Anthony:

Anthony is a professional executor, best-selling author of “How to Invest for Retirement,” and podcast host of “Simple Money Wins.” With so much going on, Anthony relies heavily on freelancers and virtual staff.

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