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I teach freelancers the strategies they need to get the paydays (and clients) they want. As a freelance writer turned coach, I love showing part-time side hustlers and full-time independent contractors alike how to build a profitable freelance business they love.

With almost a decade of freelance jobs under my belt, I’ve sent out 1000s of pitches, gotten 100s of clients, and made over a million dollars in freelance services. All while being a military spouse with no formal writing experience.

About Laura Briggs
About Laura Briggs
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From middle school teacher to 6-figure freelancer in just one year

In short, I’m a teacher, writer, wife, pet mom of 6, freelancer, and speaker. I’m an entrepreneur and freelance coach who’s learned how to make a living in this new digital workplace doing things I like and am good at. Over the years, I’ve been able to work with some awesome small businesses, brands, and companies and have even had the honor to speak on the TEDx stage three times.

My favorite thing about my work is helping other freelancers in their journey take the next right step and build a profitable business with clients they love to serve. However, like many, I took the traditional path. I went to college. Got my grad degree. Did the noble thing and went into teaching. After a year of trying to make the classroom work for me, I realized it just wouldn’t. I simply could not live my life working so hard for so little.

Armed with nothing but:

  • A comment from a professor way back when that said I should write for a living
  • My desire to change
  • A few core skills

I began life as a freelancer. Within a year, I had made $100k. It was like a dream come true! And I owed it all to:

  • Learning my target market and speaking to them specifically
  • Building a pitch and follow up plan that converted hundreds of leads into clients
  • Adjusting my mindset and systems for six-figure scaling

And now I want to show you how to do it, too.

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It’s my goal to reach and empower 50,000 freelancers to start, grow, and love their businesses built around their life. Since 2012, I’ve used my digital business to support my family, grow professionally, and serve hundreds of clients all over the world. 

Now, I continue to serve freelance clients but leverage my insights to help other freelancers discover the fast track to their dream business. I want freelancers to know that it’s possible to earn a living doing what they love working with clients who respect them. I also believe that your business is just one part of your life.

Because of my passion for helping other entrepreneurs, I founded my nonprofit Operation Freelance in 2020. We provide active-duty military spouses with free training to start and grow their businesses as digital freelancers. We’ve helped writers, VAs, online business managers, graphic designers, UX experts, and website designers create careers that travel with them. This work earned me a top 10 spot in the 2021 Rosie Network Entrepreneur Awards.

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Get To Know Your Coach

  1. About Laura BriggsI believe freelancers need an accurate voice to show legislature that we matter! And I strive to be that voice.Laura Briggs Author
  2. Deliberative and Achiever are my top two Clifton Strengths, so it makes sense that teaching freelancers how to weigh their options and get to six figures is my perfect job.
  3. I tap dance. So did my grandmother, who was a professional dancer and teacher. (It’s a bit of a family tradition.)
  4. My husband and I have met Tom Hanks, Sigourney Weaver, Matthew Broderick, and John Cusack along with so many others. Ask me who was the nicest!
  5. I love animals. When our dream home came on the market, complete with a cat and duck best friend duo already on the property, I knew it was meant to be!
  6. I practice what I preach. After 10 years, I’m STILL freelancing as copywriter, SEO writer, and digital marketing consultant. And I still love it. That means as a coach, I can authentically speak to what’s working right now.

Meet My Team

Melissa Swire


Melissa Swire is a business strategist and coach. She is a military caregiver and the Elizabeth Dole Fellow for Pennsylvania. Melissa has worked with Laura since 2020, serving as her business manager of The Freelance Coach and Operation Freelance. Her favorite thing about working with Laura is hearing the testimonials of clients who have created financial stability with their freelance business, allowing them the flexibility to focus on their families!


Andrew is a dynamic and passionate eLearning developer and Instructional Designer with 9+ years of experience in corporate, education, human resources, and unique freelance settings. Andrew has proven experience developing and designing innovative live and online training and learning programs. He has worked with Laura since 2015, providing many services to support and grow her business.


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