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Freelance Coach Laura Briggs

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Freelance Coach Laura Briggs

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Are you thinking about freelancing, doing it as a side-hustle to your 9-5, or freelancing full-time?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the process of treating this as a business, frustrated that your clients aren’t the clients you want, feel your time is maxed out, but your income isn’t showing that, and think there’s nothing too special about you to make it as a high-earning freelancer?

Let me show you what’s blocking you from the next step in your freelance journey so you can overcome it, all the way to 6-figures and beyond.

With my 10 years of freelance experience and your core skills, we’ll work together to make sure your freelance business doesn’t just make money but is strategic, organized, and flexible enough for you to love and profit from it.

Laura Briggs

I've helped over 16K freelancers

Through books, a weekly podcast, online courses, and coaching, I help freelancers grow their business their way. 
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Digital marketing strategy and copywriting for the legal industry


Power hour coaching sessions to uplevel your freelance business


Expert speaker on freelancing and leveraging the gig economy 

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