Curious about what a freelance editor actually does? The truth is that you’ll hear the term applied to many different types of roles and levels of depth that the editor is going into to complete the work.

Be a Second Set of Eyes

In general, an editor is looking for copy editing level mistakes, grammar, punctuation, spelling and things like that but can also be much more involved in a rigorous process of editing (I talk about this in more detail in my course, How to Become a Freelance Editor).

If you’re editing someone’s thesis or academic dissertation, you might also be providing expertise. If you have areas of knowledge in that field, you can say this doesn’t make sense, this seems out of order, you forgot to include XYZ.

An editor is the second set of eyes that a freelance writer, author or business owner might need to step in and do contract work.

Check out my post over on the blog at Six Figure Writing Secrets to learn more.


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