In today’s episode of The Advanced Freelancing Podcast, I am sharing what a typical day looks like for a six-figure freelancer, which is a popular question that I get asked about a lot. This will look a little bit different based on who the person is and what type of projects they work on. 


I’m going to walk you through what a typical day in my business looks like. And then I’m going to talk to you about some of the logistics that I use to stay organized and some of the strategies that I use to minimize the amount of time that I spend working in the business. 

I think burnout is a really common issue for a lot of freelancers, who see the only path to scaling as being adding more hours. I discuss this inside The Six-Figure Freelancer book. And there’s a lot of my business strategies in there as well that can help you if you’re trying to figure out what an ideal day or an ideal week looks like for you.


Here are some things we covered in this episode:

  • A typical day for six-figure freelancers 
  • Creating your ideal day
  • How many hours I typically work per week
  • Morning routines to set the tone for the day
  • Tips to prevent anxiety and burnout
  • How to chuck tasks for maximum productivity
  • Why I don’t time block every task
  • The value of non-meeting days
  • How meetings drain your energy and 
  • Software that is a game-changer
  • How I plan my day and evaluate my to-do list
  • When client work occurs
  • The importance of marketing activities
  • Tips for repetitive tasks
  • How to disconnect from work
  • How to avoid burnout
  • Resource: The Six-Figure Freelancer by Laura Briggs
  • Laura’s Quote of the week: “I think burnout is a really common issue for a lot of freelancers, who see the only path to scaling as being adding more hours.”

After listening to this episode, share your action steps and take-aways with our group:

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Laura Briggs is empowering the freelance generation. Through her public speaking, coaching, and writing, she helps freelancers build the business of their dreams without sacrificing all their time, family, or sanity. Laura burned out as an inner-city middle school teacher before becoming an accidental freelancer with a Google search for “how to become a freelance writer.” Since then, she’s become a contributor to Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Writer’s Weekly. She worked for more than 300 clients around the world including Microsoft, Truecar, and the Mobile Marketing Association. She’s delivered two TEDx talks on the power of the freelance economy for enabling freedom and flexibility and how it’s being used to address the technical skills gap in the U.S. Laura is the host of the Advanced Freelancing podcast, a sought-after public speaker on the gig and digital freelance economy, and a freelance coach focused on aspiring six-figure freelancers. Laura’s books, courses, and coaching have reached over 10,000 people.

As a military spouse, Laura is passionate about serving her community and founded Operation Freelance, a nonprofit organization that teaches veterans and military spouses how to become freelancers and start their own business.