Curious about whether you would make it as a freelance editor?

Being a freelance editor is an awesome opportunity.

It’s super flexible so you can fit it in around your existing schedule.

It’s a great way to make some extra money or even make into a full side business or replace your day job income.

But if you are not sure whether or not freelance editing is the right choice for you, I have some tips to help you figure it out.


You Naturally Spot Errors

One of the ways to know if you would be a really good freelance editor is if you naturally catch other people’s mistakes. You spot the errors in their Facebook post. You are on somebody’s email list and they have grammar and punctuation errors and it almost jumps off the page, directly at you. This indicates that you are already really good with the English language and are really good at catching mistakes and tweaking written content to make it even better.


You Love Reading and Writing

Another way to know that you might do really well as a freelance editor is if you have always been a good writer and you love reading. That means you interact with language, punctuation and grammar all the time. You are very familiar with the patterns of how things work and how mistakes can cause someone to lose the flow of what they’re reading and learning. If you are already a good writer and you read a lot, that could be a great sign that you would do very very well as a freelance editor.


You Want Flexible Opportunities

Another type of person who will succeed with a freelance editing gig or side business is the person who is looking for extra money but wants to do it in a flexible way.

Imagine that you are going to get a side job.  

You have to drive to the job.

As a freelance editor, you can work from home and on your own schedule.

You have to apply.

You are totally on their schedule and subject to the whims of the manager or your supervisor.

You are spending money on gas.

As a freelance editor, you can avoid all of that. You can find something that’s a lot more flexible where you can work from home and on your own schedule.

What’s the Demand Like?

People are producing massive amounts of content today for their business as well as their blogs and they need someone to help catch mistakes or to improve their written content before it goes live.

So many different people may need to hire a freelance editor, from academics who need help with formatting all the way to someone who is publishing a weekly parenting blog and wants you to look over it quickly to make sure there are no glaring errors.

You can find editing jobs across the board; all online, which means you can do it from wherever you want. I have done so many different freelance editing jobs:  academic writing, blogs, whitepapers, even PowerPoint slides that people want to have proofed.

You can land these freelance editing gigs all over the place but being really smart about how you choose to market your business is a great way to begin.


Ready to Try It?

You can also get into my How to Become a Freelance Editor course for super cheap. I am talking less than $15. In this course, you can learn:

  • all of what it really takes to become a freelance editor

  • the three different levels of editing

  • how to price yourself

  • how to be really successful with your editing business

This is a great investment if you are thinking about adding a side hustle to your life and bringing in some extra cash with those awesome English and editing skills you already have.


Do you want to become a freelance editor? Click here to learn more about my course.



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