Upwork Tips

How to Commit to a Daily Plan of Bidding for Jobs on Upwork

All too often, freelancers cut themselves off from generating a snowball of leads on Upwork because they give up too soon. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard from freelancers who say that they bid on ten jobs on Upwork and didn’t hear back, or that they spent two hours last month bidding on Upwork and didn’t get anywhere. Consistency counts in all forms of freelance marketing and that’s especially true on Upwork. You really do need an Upwork bidding game plan.

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Freelance Success on Upwork

I have heard that many freelancers come away feeling that landing good paying gigs on Upwork is an uphill climb. Interestingly, my story has been quite different. I have found that Upwork has been instrumental in my ability to generate a consistent pipeline of business leads. Today’s video will focus on the two elements that will help you achieve success on the platform. 

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I Met a Client on Upwork: Do We Have to Do Business There?

This post is written for those of you who wish to use Upwork as a means of finding clients and securing freelance work. For those of you who do not know of it, Upwork is the biggest online job site in the world and (when used correctly) a great source of clients. Specifically, I go into how freelancers can get into trouble with the platform and the importance of adhering to its terms of service. 

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How to Get a High Job Success Rating on Upwork

Learn the importance of a high job success score on Upwork, how it’s derived and those elements that are within your control to ensure that you achieve a strong rating.

In this video, I briefly discuss issues such as:

  • how the success score might affect new freelancers more than established ones
  • the importance of managing bad client relationships professionally and what this might look like in practice
  • the message having too many “jobs in progress” might send to potential clients
  • and more. 
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How Does the Two-Way Feedback System Work on Upwork and How to Use it to Vet Your Freelance Clients

This week’s video is about the two-way feedback system on Upwork and how you can make it work for you.

As a freelancer looking to start a new relationship with a client, it is beneficial for you to review the client’s feedback history to get a sense for what he or she would be like to work with. Regardless of the amount of money being offered for the job, multiple poor client ratings should be seen as an early warning sign for you as a freelancer.

Bear in mind, however, that the feedback system works both ways.

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How To Use Upwork Effectively

The fact is it doesn’t matter what type of freelancer you are – you could be a freelance writer, a virtual assistant, a web designer – you need to consistently put yourself out there to be able to rise above the irregularity of the freelance income cycle and to do well. This video specifically goes into the most effective ways of using Upwork as a means of finding and securing new clients. 

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5 Things Keeping You From Landing Business on Upwork

Whether you’re hoping to be a freelancer part time or full time, I’ve seen the same mistakes made dozens of times by freelancers who are confused as to why they are not landing business on the world’s most popular freelance job site. If you’ve never had the opportunity to hear about Upwork before, I’m excited to introduce it to you. Not only have I worked on the platform since 2012, but it has also been instrumental in sending me hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of leads.

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How to Avoid Getting Banned on Upwork

For those of you looking to establish or grow your freelance careers, there are definitely a ton of online job boards to choose from.

With twelve million registered freelancers, five million registered clients and three million jobs posted annually, worth a total of $1 billion USD as of 2017, Upwork is the world’s largest freelancer marketplace and a great source of clients in my business. 

In this week’s video, I take you through the nuts and bolts of playing by the rules, and not getting banned on the platform – because let’s face it, ensuring continued access to such a wide network of connections that can potentially turn into future clients just makes sense.

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