The Upwork App for Freelancers | 2020 Guide 

Upwork isn’t just a browser-only platform. If you’re no stranger to the Upwork Desktop App, you already know how these extra tools can serve your business well. Though the Desktop App streamlines communication and enables you to track your work for hourly contract payment protection, the mobile app has some unique strengths of its own. 

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the Upwork for Freelancers App allows you to stay involved with current projects and lets you find new leads while you’re on the go. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most notable features. 

Find Jobs Using the Upwork App

Just like the browser-version of Upwork, the mobile app allows you to search through your different job feeds, and also allows for an advanced job search with all of the familiar parameters (Payment Verified, Number of Proposals, Categories, etc.). The app further keeps track of your saved jobs, making it easy to page back and forth new leads and ones that already caught your eye.

Submit Proposals

Submitting a proposal is another fully-integrated feature. If you’ve spotted a job that you think matches your skillset, hit “Submit Proposal”. You’ll be taken through the familiar steps of setting an offer, length of time, submitting a cover letter, and you can also upload attachments with your Upwork proposal submission. 

The app truly shines for its user-friendliness when it comes to submitting proposals.

Not only can you keep an eye on new listings while you’re on the road or away from your working space, but you’ll be able to jump on it and get hired quicker. 

Insider Tip: The search feature of the Upwork app needs some work, unfortunately, and frequently crashes. If you’re trying to do an advanced search, the browser-version is a much more reliable option. 

The job feeds that are already made for you, and simple searches that don’t require too many parameter settings can be successfully completed on the app. 

Communicate With Your Clients In One Convenient Window

Just like other messaging apps, the Upwork for Freelancers app gives you a userfriendly communication tool that is fully synchronized with your in-browser communication. The app has two versions of the messaging feature, the Messages Lite version and the full version. So, what’s the difference between the two from a user’s perspective?

  • Messages Lite: This version rolled out to solve a common complaint, lagging messages. By taking out the search feature, as well as the call feature, Messages Lite ensures efficacy with a limited set of tools.
  • The full version: This is the familiar version of messaging inside of Upwork, complete with call capabilities and searchability. However, it is said to be slower, and sometimes it does crash.

A key feature that isn’t compromised in either version is your ability to share files with clients instantly. This is a great way to stay connected and immersed in your projects with just a few taps on your screen.

Insider Tip: Messaging inside of the app is not its strength. It’s great for quick confirmation notes, or for accepting and negotiating offers. However, if you need a lengthy back and forth with a client, an audio call, a video call, or need to use the search tool, your best bet is to access Upwork on your browser. But you can also use the Upwork Desktop App, which is fantastic for communicating with your clients

Update Your Profile & Access Stats

Whether you want to change your photo, manage your specialty profiles, edit your main page, hourly rate, availability, or popular projects section, the Upwork for Freelancers app allows you to effortlessly tweak all aspects of your profile.

This is wonderful in the event that you accept new offers through the app and need to change your availability. No need to switch between the browser version and mobile version! 

You can further access your stats and glance at your Job Success Score, 12-month earnings, clients who would recommend you %, long-term client %, etc. In that vein, your communication and marketing effectiveness metrics are accessible right there as well. 

Other Functionalities

Beyond the basic uses of the Upwork App for Freelancers, there are just a few more things you can do from your phone. 

You are able to:

  • Verify your identity
  • End contracts and leave feedback
  • Add or remove payment methods
  • Request to release funds into your bank account

How Do you Download the Upwork for Freelancers App?

As mentioned earlier, the app has both Android and iOS versions.

  • The iOS version is available through the iTunes App Store, and is compatible with Apple devices that run iOS 11 or later. Follow this link for the iOS app. 
  • The Android version is available through Google Play and is compatible with Android 6+ devices. Follow this link for the Android app. 

Final Thoughts

As we’ve briefly outlined, the Upwork App for Freelancers is a great tool to supplement your day-to-day to-do’s as a freelancer when you can’t be at your desk. Although the app is not perfect, it has enough functionality to make it worth using. 

There is one last caveat. If you’re a freelancer who is working with an Upwork Enterprise client, you won’t be able to use the mobile app for onboarding tasks, nor can you view your Talent Cloud page. You’ll have to use your trusted browser instead.