Start and Scale Your Freelance Business

The freelance portion of the workforce and the economy is growing at a rapid pace, but the lack of proper training or knowledge about how to run a freelance venture sets most freelancers up for failure. With this new workforce picking up speed, the need is real and the time is now for freelancers to learn how to take their businesses and their paychecks to the next level.

The Six-Figure Freelancer is a proven path, a battle-tested guide that works for freelancers of all types and includes the author’s five years of trial-by-fire lessons used to find, land, and amaze your clients. The book follows an outline of proven tactics to grow a business to the six-figure level and keep it there:

  • Knowing the current phase of your freelance business

  • Getting into the right mindset to shift your money power

  • Knowing how to spot high-value, high-dollar clients

  • Determining the structure of your six-figure business (solo or agency model?)

  • Speeding your process up and structuring your ideal freelance workday

  • Putting together a client benefit-focused marketing tools plan

  • Raising your rates and transmitting value to prospective clients

  • Avoiding those six-figure earner pitfalls Throughout this book, readers will have guided action plans and checklists to customize their own specific freelance business.

Pre-Order Now for these Special Bonuses:

(There are already 17 worksheets/exercises that will come to anyone who orders the book ever, so these are in addition to those handouts.)
  1. Winning Proposal & Video Walkthrough + Proposal Bootcamp (Online Class+ Recording)
  2. Leave Your 9 to 5 Action Checklist: How to Work from Home for Good (PDF Checklist)
  3. Lead-Ready: The Freelancer’s Guide to Using LinkedIn Checklist (PDF Checklist)
  4. Branding 101 For the Six Figure Business Owner (Mini E-Book on Branding Main Points and Tips)

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