Start and Scale Your Freelance Business

The freelance portion of the workforce and the economy is growing at a rapid pace, but the lack of proper training or knowledge about how to run a freelance venture sets most freelancers up for failure. With this new workforce picking up speed, the need is real and the time is now for freelancers to learn how to take their businesses and their paychecks to the next level.

The Six-Figure Freelancer is a proven path, a battle-tested guide that works for freelancers of all types and includes the author’s five years of trial-by-fire lessons used to find, land, and amaze your clients. The book follows an outline of proven tactics to grow a business to the six-figure level and keep it there:

  • Knowing the current phase of your freelance business

  • Getting into the right mindset to shift your money power

  • Knowing how to spot high-value, high-dollar clients

  • Determining the structure of your six-figure business (solo or agency model?)

  • Speeding your process up and structuring your ideal freelance workday

  • Putting together a client benefit-focused marketing tools plan

  • Raising your rates and transmitting value to prospective clients

  • Avoiding those six-figure earner pitfalls Throughout this book, readers will have guided action plans and checklists to customize their own specific freelance business.

Here's What Readers are Saying:

This book is incredible! It is a gold mine of ideas on how to scale successfully without going crazy. And yes, as a freelancer that is just starting out, I would have walked into the pitfalls and blocks blindly for sure. This book is not just for experienced freelancers that want to scale but also important for the new ones that just want to avoid bad habits from the start. Thank you for writing this book, it will impact and help so many people.

Chapters 2, 7, 8, and 11 were the most helpful for me. I dog-eared and highlighted the most from those chapters. I like the quote in Chapter 11 page 187 that says “Never stop learning! Every day I learn something new that I’m able to apply to my business. The day you stop learning is the day you will no longer grow.” by Bai-Leigh Chapman.

The pre-order bonus handout is great. The example of what a good proposal should look like was very helpful. The Leave Your 9 to 5 Action Checklist still gives me direction even though I’m a stay at home mom. The branding tips are an amazing resource and showed me just how much more thought I need to put into branding.

The handouts have so much information and add to the punch of the book. The list of money and mindset books is a helpful resource. LinkedIn intimidates me and the handout eased my fears so much. It outlined what I need to do step by step and now I feel like I can actually set up a really good profile.

The marketing checklist is huge! There are ideas in there that I never would have thought of trying, which goes to show that there is always something new I can try to market my services.

How to handle awkward conversations with clients is a great cheat sheet that will absolutely come in handy.

The videos on handling difficult clients are a great addition to the book and handouts. All three elements complement each other and make the system invaluable.
-Anna Reutov

I am just starting my freelance journey and this book is going to be an essential guide. The book covers mindset, streamlining with systems and shortcuts, how to outsource, upskilling and more. It doesn’t matter what stage of freelancing you are in, this book WILL teach you something useful that will help you in your business. The book comes with videos on how to handle difficult clients and handouts. The handouts cover how to create an ideal client avatar, setting up a LinkedIn profile, ways to market your freelance work and so much more!

Before reading this book I was stuck making $5-6,000 a month. Laura addressed the mindset issues that were holding me back from earning more money. Between the tips in the book and the free worksheets included, I created a marketing plan and within one month already have more clients signing up. Highly recommend!

This book is a must have for those looking to “take the leap” or new freelancers. Laura outlines perfectly the ways to get your business to the next level. My favorite part is she attacks your MINDSET early in the book, so you understand that YOU CAN DO THIS! Great gift for a friend or family member starting their entrepreneur journey!
-Aaron Dodge

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