Running a Freelance Biz

Should You Niche as a Freelancer?

Many of you know that I have a pretty solid niche that I work in quite often but I also take projects outside of my niche and I coach freelancers, beginners and those working to get to the six-figure level. You can go either way, being a generalist or being really specialized in a niche. In this post, I’m going to explain what a niche is, the pros and cons of niching as a freelancer, why it can be helpful to start as a generalist before moving into a niche, and my three part winning formula for choosing your ideal niche.

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4 Tools to Use for Freelance Editors

If you are a freelance editor or are thinking about becoming a freelance editor, I’m psyched to share with you four of my favorite tools that you can use now. As a freelance writer, editor and virtual assistant over the last six years, these four tools are instrumental in my work.

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How to Know You’d Be a Good Freelance Editor

Curious about whether you would make it as a freelance editor? Being a freelance editor is an awesome opportunity. It’s super flexible so you can fit it in around your existing schedule. It’s a great way to make some extra money or even make into a full side business or replace your day job income. But if you are not sure whether or not freelance editing is the right choice for you, I have some tips to help you figure it out.

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The Fastest Way to Become an Upwork Freelancer So You Can Start Earning

This is an overview of how you can get set up very quickly as a freelancer using the Upwork platform. If you’ve never heard of Upwork before, it’s the world’s biggest freelance marketplace. Prospective clients post a job and then freelancers put in proposals or what they would recommend as far as budget and how long it would take them to complete the gig.

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How to Become a Freelance Writer Expert Fast

Today I’m answering the popular question of how to become a freelance writer expert fast. There are a number of different ways you can become an expert and learn your craft, as well as a particular industry.

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The Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Upwork Freelancers Make

As a freelancer, Upwork has been a huge pipeline for me. Yet when I’m working with people who come to me asking for help, whether they pay for a strategy session with me or as part of my course they get a bonus with me reviewing their pitches and their writing samples, I see other Upwork freelancers making the same mistakes over and over.  

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On Upwork? Here is the Guide to Land Work Fast

Landing work fast on Upwork doesn’t have to be difficult, but I see so many freelancers struggling with it and never being able to accomplish their freelancing goals because they get stuck in the cycle of using a process that doesn’t work and then getting frustrated that they are not landing clients.  

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Upwork Freelancing: All You Need to Know About the Upwork Job Success Score & Upwork Success Secrets

Upwork uses an algorithm to calculate a percentage score that is assigned to each freelancer’s profile. This percentage is called the Upwork Job Success Score (JSS). To clients, a strong JSS signals a freelancer who meets or exceeds expectations – these are the freelancers clients prefer to work with. For this reason, understanding how the score is derived is crucial. While you can’t improve your score overnight, you can improve your score with the right strategies in just a few weeks. 

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Managing Scope Creep as a Freelance Entrepreneur

Even if you don’t have a lot of freelance clients yet, it’s really important for you to be aware of (and prepared for) scope creep because you will inevitably encounter it at some point in your freelance career. In fact, I had to deal with it just yesterday.

Scope creep refers to a situation in which you and a client have agreed to the terms of working together and you’ve set a price that is based on your understanding of what you’re responsible to do. But over time, the client starts to expect more. Essentially, the working relationship that you set up and thought you understood with the client has changed and now they’re expecting you to do more for the same amount of money.

This post goes into the ways to avoid scope creep to begin with, but also offers strategies in case you’re having to deal with it already. 

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Is it Really Worth Paying to be on Upwork?

Let’s talk about whether it’s worth paying to be on Upwork in 2018. I get this question every so often from new freelancers who’ve never joined the site before and are hesitant about handing over their money.

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The Journey from SEO Writing Tools to Romance Novels – A Guest Interview

Many of you know that plenty of successful freelancers have their own side hustles or multiple businesses at the same time.

It’s usually because we wind up as entrepreneurs and get addicted to building a business. Today, on the blog, I’m interviewing one of my favorite freelancers, Yuwanda Black.

In case you didn’t know, it was Yuwanda’s SEO writing tools that helped me launch my own freelance business back in 2012. We’ve been in contact ever since, and it’s been so much fun to follow her journey. From freelance writing to selling tools for freelancers all the way to writing romance!

That’s why I wanted to cover her romance writing experience today on the blog. If you already have writing skills and are looking for a creative outlet that may earn you some extra cash, too, romance writing might be a great way to get started!

Read on to learn more about her journey and some top lessons she’s picked up along the way.

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How Virtual Assistants Changed the Life of This Six-Figure Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, my business initially started off being able to provide virtual assistant services and freelance writing content to other people. However, as my business grew quickly over the course of the past five years, I realized that I simply could not do everything on my own anymore, thus my introduction to the world of hiring virtual assistants to help me.

Since that time, I’ve trained and assisted hundreds of wannabe virtual assistants in launching their own careers. I have even helped provide matchmaking services to busy entrepreneurs who need help outsourcing some tasks.

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What Kinds of Freelancers are Most Likely to Get Hired on Upwork?

Upwork provides the opportunities to connect with clients all over the world who are in need of freelance assistance. Whether it’s a solopreneur or a major company looking for a freelancer, many businesses can benefit from outsourcing particular tasks on a one time or an ongoing basis to a freelancer.What companies look for in hiring a freelancer will depend on their individual needs but there are several common traits that can be identified in successful Upwork freelancers.

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Should I Work on A Fixed Priced Project or An Hourly Project on Upwork?

If you are a freelancer interested in getting hired on Upwork, such as a virtual assistant, a freelance writer, a graphic designer, a web developer or any other type of person who provides a service that’s in demand on the world’s biggest job board, there are two things you should know about how Upwork operates to figure out what is right for you.

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