One of the most important things that successful people do, and particularly those who run a business, is to keep a mindful eye on where they have come from and where they intend to go.

The turn of the New Year is a great opportunity to set resolutions and new goals, but many times, one of the most overlooked aspects of doing so is in looking at what you achieved. In fact, you might feel that you weren’t successful at achieving your resolutions until you sit down and spend the time to put together an evidence list.


How to Use an Evidence List to Track Your Success

An evidence list is one of the greatest confidence boosters and ways to evaluate what has worked and what needs to be improved. An evidence list is where you record everything successful you have achieved over the past week, month or year. When you are looking back at a full year of all of the little wins that you’ve stacked up, whether it was outsourcing to a virtual assistant for the first time, increasing your revenue by a particular percentage or bringing on high-value clients, you can celebrate all of the things you achieved.

You might also begin to see patterns emerge that can tell you where your business should go in 2018 and beyond. For example, I identified over the course of my 2017 review that affiliate marketing was a cornerstone of my game plan for 2018. That’s because I finally began to see the revenue trickling in, in a manner that made sense for me to up my affiliate marketing game.

For that reason, I spent days planning how I was going to enhance my affiliate marketing income and program and even hired a virtual assistant, particularly, to focus on this. If you’d asked me in hindsight without sitting down and conducting a comprehensive review, what I was going to focus on in 2018, there is a good chance that affiliate marketing would have been left off the table, but when I saw so much affiliate income, and powerful affiliate partnerships emerging through my analysis of the past year, I knew that this had to become an area of my focus for the 12 months ahead.

Sit down and record all the different achievements, big and small, that you saw over the past year.

This will help you identify what projects you need to leave behind and perhaps those that deserve your focus as you go forward.

Many people move into the new year by holding themselves accountable for mistakes of the past. It’s much easier to remember all of the things we didn’t get done in the year behind us, in comparison with thinking about all the things we did on a day to day basis that truly helped to enhance our personal and our business lives.

Rely on an evidence list and keep it saved on your desktop to return to it often for a review.


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