This week’s video takes you through all the reasons why I love using Teachable for my course creation process. I go into my experience with Teachable – from a student and a course creator’s perspective. In this video, I discuss the platform’s usability, student analytics, payment mechanisms as well as affiliate management processes. 

With more than 20,000 active courses, about 3 million students, and over 7,500 instructors online, it is definitely worth exploring the Teachable platform if you are looking to offer online courses anytime soon. 


I get asked all the time about the tools, websites, and processes I utilize to create a lot of online courses. I’ve put together more than 20 online courses in the last year alone, and having access to amazing tools or timesaving techniques has made that possible, and it ultimately reaches more students and helps them learn more effectively.

One of my favorite tools is Teachable. I first heard of Teachable when they did one of their semi-annual summits all about course creation. Usually at the end of these summits, they give you an opportunity to get some incredible bonuses – like the recordings of the summit and even some free courses – if you sign up for their professional plans. I love using Teachable for a couple of reasons. Before using Teachable, I was uploading videos to Vimeo and kept them password protected for my students. What a mess! It was really clunky and required that I send out daily or weekly emails telling people where to find the video. It was disorganized, and there wasn’t really one clear place where everything was located. It also didn’t look that professional – the page would simply open to Vimeo and the embedded video on that page.

It’s easy to use

I chose to switch to Teachable and not other course creation software because I loved Teachable as a student. It was very professional looking, and I loved the fact that it looked as though it was hosted on the person’s own website. It also had really colorful images and a nice structure to it, and the font was really easy to read. As a course creator, I think Teachable is very easy to use. Even if you’re not a graphic or web designer, setting up sales pages and other materials on Teachable is relatively easy and something you can train a virtual assistant to do.

Beyond that, it’s really simple to drag and drop and do a bulk upload of all your videos, and then sort them into different lectures and modules within the course itself. You can see great student statistics like the last time somebody logged in, how much of the course people are typically looking through, and all of your transaction-related data. It’s also very easy to link Teachable to tools like PayPal and Stripe.

It facilitates affiliate management

Another major reason that I love Teachable for course creation is the fact that it makes my affiliate management so easy. My affiliates do a lot of selling of my online courses, and setting them up on the back end has been very simple on Teachable. Furthermore, depending on the plan that you’re on, Teachable can pay those affiliates directly. There are different levels of plans, and on some higher-level plans you actually have to take the responsibility of paying your affiliates yourself. However, I’ve found that for my affiliate team, it’s better for me to have it where Teachable automatically pays them after 30-45 days. They automatically pull that affiliate cut out and pay my cut directly to me when that time period has passed. For someone who has a lot of affiliates, it might make sense to use a program like Teachable that’s going to make it really easy to manage all of those people without spending a tremendous amount of administrative time; and it’s easy to track who’s done what, etc.

Students enjoy using it

My students love my courses on Teachable because the platform is so easy to use, it looks professional, and it saves right where they left off. With my old method of sending a Vimeo video, the student wouldn’t remember if they were on module three, section one, video one or not, but Teachable will pause exactly where they completed. You can also put downloadable resources directly below the video. I even have a program partner that has her entire PDF course in Teachable. So it’s not just for videos – you can use it for all types of courses, and it looks really professional without all those headaches of having to design it yourself.

Teachable is an amazing program for online course creators, and just having one successful course or a few courses that are generating money every month, more than pays for your membership fee on an annual or monthly basis. If you’ve been thinking about checking out Teachable, I strongly recommend you do so. All my courses are hosted on, so you can go there to check out the Teachable layout. You’d have to enrol as a student in somebody’s school first, which is free, and then you’re eligible to take any of their free or paid classes. Teachable just makes it so easy for me to manage my time and be able to spend more of that time creating courses or helping students directly.

Check out Teachable if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that makes your life super easy and is a really great way to make money.