This week, I am introducing you to my favorite appointment scheduling tool, Calendly. Having recently launched my own podcast which, on a weekly basis, puts the spotlight on two entrepreneurs who are pushing the envelope in their respective fields, it has become really important for me to streamline my scheduling process and reduce much of the email tag that tends to happen when appointment setting happens via email. Calendly has delivered on this need with amazing results for both my guests and I. Have a listen right here! 


Hey! Let’s talk about one of my favorite tools to manage my podcast, Better Biz Academy. You can check out the link for that podcast in the description of the video.

On Better Biz Academy, I interview amazing freelancers and inspiring online entrepreneurs who talk about how they get clients and make more money in less time. Running a podcast has been an exciting experience for me, but part of the reason I’ve stuck with it and been able to be so successful at batch-recording my episodes has been a little tool called Calendly. There are plenty of similar apps out there, like Acuity or Schedule Once, but if you’re thinking about starting a podcast, I strongly encourage you to use a tool like Calendly.


Make things easier for yourself and your client

Why? Because there are so many unnecessary emails going back and forth between you and a client, or you and an interviewee or interviewer trying to schedule a podcast. If you’ve ever been a guest expert on someone else’s show, you’ve probably already used Calendly or a similar tool. Basically, it automatically connects to your Google or iCalendar – whatever you use – and provides open slots for people to book a time to record on your podcast.

This means no more back and forth emails, such as: “Hey, are you free next Tuesday at 4?” “No, that won’t work, how about Thursday at 9?” Calendly auto-populates the times that you want your podcast recording to be available. Personally, I only make podcast recordings available two days out of every single week. This means that when somebody wants to book a time, the program automatically shows them what’s available, and it blocks out any other times another person has scheduled for, or if I have another appointment that takes precedence. This makes it super easy for me, and it puts the responsibility on the person being interviewed to go ahead and select the time that’s going to work best for them. I love this method because it takes all the guesswork out of it for me, and it makes it very easy for my guests to see when they booked.


Help them stay on top of it

Another reason I love Calendly is that it can automatically create a calendar event for the person who has just booked a time with you, so there are no excuses for them to forget. You can opt into the paid version of Calendly and have several different types of events; you can only create one general event on the free account. You can also play around with these settings and specify how many reminders the person is going to receive prior to the event, and then – my favorite part – if somebody needs to reschedule or cancel the appointment, they can do it directly through Calendly.

I’m all about getting fewer emails, and this really helps me achieve that goal. I recommend that you check out some kind of scheduling software like Calendly, Schedule Once, or Acuity to make sure that it’s very easy for people to book time to appear on your podcast.