Facebook’s algorithms can be incredibly cruel to our blogs and businesses, making it so no matter how hard we try, our content is rarely seen by any of our audience! Here are some tips for how you can beat the algorithms and expand your audience reach and ultimately attract more clients

Provide relevant details

Audiences will not hit that ‘Like’ button or take a look through your website and services if your profile is not completely up to date. Make sure your page appeals to the needs of your potential clients by adding enough contact details to your Facebook header and on your ‘About’ page. You should at least include your company name and email in your header, which you can make appear more stylish and appeal to your branding using a free tool like Canva or Picmonkey. If you’re a local company, be sure to add your business address and phone number. If not, your website and email address should suffice!

Engage with your audience

Share your content as regularly as possible and engage with your audience by writing captions that encourage them to speak up! Ask them questions, run polls, host giveaways and run competitions! If people offer good feedback, suggestions, or just say hello, interact with them and reply to as many comments as you possibly can! These are your potential clients and they need to feel like their needs are being met!

Use attractive graphics

Use an online free tool like Canva or Picmonkey to create stunning social media graphics that Facebook users will adore! Brilliant photography and stimulating graphics always generate likes, shares and comments on Facebook! All of which is positive exposure for your business, and should always be encouraged. You should also use Bit.ly to shorten your links when posting to Facebook. Audiences are turned off by long links as they look a little intimidating, and are much more likely to click through when they see a shorter one!

Try paid advertising

Facebook advertisements cost no more than your morning coffee at Starbucks! If you’re on a tight budget, maybe try giving that coffee up for a week and attract more likes and engagement to your Facebook page. You can set up a campaign in minutes with no bother. Facebook recommends different types of target audiences for you to choose from and allows you to save audience types for future advertisements. You can be really selective with who your content is advertised to, depending on their gender, age, location, and even their personal interests. Once done, your audience will grow at a much quicker rate than before!

Use a post scheduler

It’s hard to keep on top of just one social media platform, let alone the few that you’re probably trying to juggle right now! To help stay on top of things, try using a social media scheduler to help you out! Some of the most popular ones are Hootsuite, Buffer, and Edgar. I personally find Buffer to be the most effective! Buffer has a free version which limits posting to just Facebook and Twitter, and can schedule enough posts for up to a couple of days. However, for $10 a month you can upgrade to the premium version of Buffer, where you can post to any of your social media platforms and schedule as many posts as you need, all in advance.

Offer discounts

Your Facebook fans deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty and given a reason to return to the page! Offer promotions, offers, sales and discount codes exclusively for followers of your Facebook page. They’re a great way to gain some interaction (and some sales! Yay, money!) and it’s a great way to get the word out about your services. Discount codes motivate clients to spontaneously purchase your products/services. They may have been loitering around on your page for a while and thought about purchasing but weren’t sure about investing that amount. Seeing that you’re now having a discount will help convince them to drop everything and purchase quickly before the price goes back to normal.

I hope this post helped! How do you run your Facebook business page?