Are you stumped on the idea of using SEO to build your freelance website? In this episode, my guest Jason Berkowitz, SEO expert and Founder & SEO Director of Break The Web, shares about SEO for your website, providing SEO services, having an agency, and using virtual assistants to stay on track with day-to-day tasks.

You’ll hear how to utilize SEO for your website to get more traffic, leads, and make more sales.  Jason shares how to learn about SEO for free and the importance of using your testing your own strategies and using the results as case studies to land clients.

We discuss why you should consider offering multiple niches to protect yourself during times of variations in the market and the benefits of having and agency.  Tune in to hear how you can make more money by offering your services as a strategist rather than just doing the tasks.

Here are some things we covered in this episode:

  • SEO tips for building your freelance service’s website
  • Getting more traffic, leads, and sales
  • Why you should consider hiring an SEO specialist
  • Services that you can offer as an SEO expert
  • How to make more money as an SEO consultant or strategist
  • How to set expectations with your client
  • Where to start learning about SEO
  • The importance of testing your strategies and using the results as case studies
  • The downsides of having a niche and pivoting within a market
  • Why you should have multiple niches
  • The benefits of having an agency versus being a solopreneur
  • Hiring a virtual assistant to help with the day-to-day tasks


Jason Berkowitz is the Founder & SEO Director of Break The Web, an inbound digital meeting agency based in New York City. For over 6 years, Jason was a freelance SEO consultant until a natural transition led him to form his own boutique operation which he operates his expertise out of today.

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