In this episode, we chatted all things Facebook ads and how Brandi grew her business from service provider to rockstar empire owner. Brandi has does a lot of this without a team. Although there’s definitely a point where you need to outsource to someone like a virtual assistant, Brandi talks about how you can start and grow without the team.

Brandi talks about so much in this episode to keep your business simplified and streamlined, including:

  • What systems you really need as a freelancer and which ones you can skip
  • Focus on what matters the most- what Brandi calls her marketing minutes
  • Why niching as a high-end service provider might work for you
  • How to determine when you need to niche down with your offerings or with the kinds of clients you help as a freelancer
  • Why charging hourly can be a problem for you and how you can switch to a different process
  • Why you want to explore your options when you begin your freelance business and why you want to keep looking into new things
  • Why Brandi and her family started thinking about why retiring her husband might be the right fit for them and what you need to know before you make a similar decision.
  • How the transition from spouse outside of the house working to switching to her husband in a stay-at-home dad role and what that looked like for their schedules.
  • What a typical workday looks like for Brandi in her freelance Facebook ads business when she has multiple projects on her plate.
  • The time management skills that Brandi uses to stay on track and why she doesn’t batch her work.

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About Brandi:

Brandi is a wife, mom, and on a mission to help online service-based entrepreneurs create a business and life they love. As a Facebook and Instagram ad strategist she was able to scale her business without a team to multiple six-figures in a short 18 months and now she is helping others do the same! Facebook and Instagram ads are her JAM, but helping others make their dream life a reality is her passion.

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