In this episode my guest Sophia Dagnon teaches you how to write cold pitches that stand out from the crowd.  You’ll learn the best practices of writing an email and all the things that you need to research and do before writing your pitch.

Sophia shares why building a relationship with your potential client is as important as making a sale.  Her tips will help you brainstorm which companies to pitch to and how to be authentic when doing so.

You’ll also discover why sales calls are as important as your cold pitch.  Sophia shares what not to do during a sales call, how to prepare for the call and be confident in yourself, and steps to close the sale.

Here are some things we covered in this episode:

  • How to find companies to write a cold pitch
  • Doing research on the company and person that you are pitching to
  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • How to sound authentic by adding personalization
  • What to keep in mind when writing a cold pitch
  • Capturing data in your email performance
  • Best practices in writing an email
  • Why relationships are more important than getting a sale
  • Why you have to be good at sales calls
  • What not to do during a sales call
  • How to prepare for a sales call
  • How to be more confident during sales calls
  • Steps to close the sales call
  • Following up with potential clients


Sophia Dagnon helps thought leaders, SaaS companies + direct-to-consumer e-com folks connect with their people and sell like a human through conversion-focused copy. She works with the amazing folks at Copyhackers + GetUplift and (occasionally) takes on private clients.

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