In this episode, you’re hearing from another former teacher, Brittany. She’s now a pro in the online service world and helps other teachers break free of working in the long, slow grind that is a career for so many in the U.S. education system.

You’ll learn more about Brittany’s big wakeup call and how that pushed her to have clarity in her online business. We discussed some of the challenges of being a modern teacher and why it burns so many educators out.

Here are some other things we covered in this episode on moving from teaching to working for yourself:

  • Why teachers make really good fits for running an online business and the personality traits that match that
  • Why working online and helping other people can fulfill your helper mentality by building and serving your own tribe
  • Brittany’s super-smart tip for getting your first couple of clients as a freelancer
  • How to really provide help in Facebook groups without spamming the Internet with a pitch and actually getting clients
  • Why Brittany has tried a lot of different freelance services and how she landed on her current services.
  • What does it mean to say you are building a funnel?
  • How to begin studying funnels when you’re curious about offering this as a service for your freelance business
  • The challenges that Brittany faced when scaling her business to a six-figure freelancing empire and why mindset is so important when you’re growing
  • How to determine where your own limiting beliefs might be holding you back
  • How and why to consider retiring your spouse


Brittany is a former middle school science teacher turned six-figure freelancer and entrepreneur. She works at home building funnels and writing copy. Together, she and her husband help other teachers that want to transition out of teaching through their blog, Life After Teaching.

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