In this episode, my guest freelancer Jordan Fox teaches you how to pitch, network with, and have ongoing relationships with high profile clients. You’ll learn how to stand out from the crowd and get through to the connections that will put you in front of celebrities.  Jordan shares what you can expect when pitching and working with high profile clients after the fact.  You’ll get a strategy for building a foundation, staying the course, and execution and delivery around what you are offering the client.

Jordan shares how to offer a full service company by working with other freelancers that compliment your skill sets. He gives you the steps to build a network with experts in different lanes, team up and partner with them, and build out a world class team.  By bringing in referral fees and saving your clients time searching for other talent it becomes a win-win for you and your clients.

Hear why Jordan feels that remote only work and freelancing is the future, and how diversifying your revenue streams is vital to success.

Here are some things we covered in this episode:

  • How to stand out from the crowd to and attract celebrity clients
  • How to create a strategy to get through to high profile clients
  • Steps to get through the gatekeeper to put you in front of celebrity clients
  • Tips after landing the gig
  • Confidentiality around working with celebrity clients
  • Building out your freelance team to offer additional services
  • Creating long term relationships with freelance partners
  • Standards for freelancer partners
  • How remote only work and freelance work is the future
  • The importance of having multiple streams of income
  • How to have a side hustle


Jordan Fox, founder and president of MMP Digital, received his Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Syracuse University before getting his Masters in Accounting from Yeshiva University in Manhattan.

He started his career at SocialCode, then the largest social media advertising company in the world. From 2015-2016, the company ran over $300 million in advertising. Jordan led strategy and ad buying across the social media landscape for more than 20 Fortune 500 brands, including Verizon Wireless and Coca-Cola.

He then joined VaynerMedia as a Senior Account Strategist, enjoying a front seat to the brand-building dynamics of serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. Jordan ran digital marketing programs for Chase and L’Occitane across social media, influencer marketing, paid media, e-commerce, OTT and VR/AR/AI.

Most recently, Jordan was Director of Digital Strategy for 15-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Alicia Keys. He led global strategy and partnerships across all of Alicia’s digital channels, ultimately helping her reach over 80+ million followers across social media. Jordan built smarter work streams while managing her in-house production team, digital agency and record label. While working alongside Alicia, her president, music manager, publicist and philanthropy advisor, Jordan created key moments for Alicia helping her grow her brand and digital footprint.

Now, Jordan is focused on bringing MMP to a wide audience, joining his know-how with that of other seasoned digital professionals.

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