In this episode Kimber Hill, the Founder and CEO of VirtForce, shares why she pivoted to remote work, and how she now coaches her military community to invest in their career and personal development that launches them into successful Virtual Careers.  She’s a military spouse on a mission to lower the unemployment rate for military spouses.

You’ll learn how to gain the confidence and skills you need to work remotely.  We discussed the things that you need to do to prepare and market yourself to the virtual job market.

Here are some things we covered in this episode on how to launch your virtual career:

  • Why Kimber left a government contracting position and how she has created a 15 million dollar impact on the military community.
  • What are the mindset obstacles around pivoting to remote work and how do you overcome them?
  • What are the most in demand remote work positions?
  • What is it like to work virtually?
  • How to feel more confident about working virtually?
  • Kimber shares how to break the mental block around the dreaded resume gaps and her recommendations for getting through it.
  • Certifications to get the skills that employers want.
  • How to utilize gig based work and internships to gain experience.
  • Marketing yourself to the remote work job market and the platforms to use to get work.
  • Tips for interviewing virtually and how to show up professionally.


Kimber Hill is the Founder and CEO of VirtForce, the organization filling the gap between America’s Active Duty Military Spouses and virtual careers.

VirtForce’s most important core value is Servant Leadership. Through acts of service she and her team have created a global community where Military Spouses can build virtual work skills, train in leadership roles, and receive a constant stream of remote work opportunities. The organization has successfully created an avenue for Military Spouses to find sustainable employment supportive of the inevitable permanent change of station.

Kimber and her husband are from Moulton, Alabama. They are affiliated with the Navy and are currently stationed in Florida. Kimber has a Bachelors Degree in Film Production from Birmingham-Southern College, a Masters Degree in Information Systems from the University of Alabama at Huntsville, and she is a Certified Project Management Professional.

“We are increasing career happiness and self-worth of Military Spouses while simultaneously lowering the Military Spouse unemployment rate. I really love what we’re doing here because we can see tangible results. At VirtForce, we have a heart for people and a knack for effective processes. We get things done!” – Kimber Hill

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