Do you know your worth? Laura and Ashley discuss why mindset is the most important tool to scale your business.

Ashley shares “My worth doesn’t come from the hours that I put towards tasks. My worth and I should be compensated based on the value that I provide as a business owner and a strategist.”

In this episode, you will learn how to combat imposter syndrome and discover what happens when you realize your own potential.

Here are some things we covered in this episode:

  • Why your mindset is the most important tool to your scale your business
  • How to reframe negative thoughts about your business
  • Know your worth
  • Identifying the limiting beliefs about your business potential
  • How to combat imposter syndrome
  • Three most important things an aspiring Facebook ads manager should know when they are getting started
  • The difference between working alone or with a team as a Facebook manager
  • How to think strategically around the services that you provide

After listening to this episode, share your action steps and take-aways with our group:

Mastering Your Freelance Life With Laura

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Ashley is the owner of It Media, a boutique social media agency that helps service-based

business owners feel less overwhelmed about growing their business, and no longer worried

about where their next client will come from. Ashley helps business owners simplify their online marketing and generate leads through Facebook ads, social media, amazing content, and email marketing.





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Meet Laura:

Laura Briggs is empowering the freelance generation. Through her public speaking, coaching, and writing, she helps freelancers build the business of their dreams without sacrificing all their time, family, or sanity. Laura burned out as an inner-city middle school teacher before becoming an accidental freelancer with a Google search for “how to become a freelance writer.” Since then, she’s become a contributor to Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Writer’s Weekly. She worked for more than 300 clients around the world including Microsoft, Truecar, and the Mobile Marketing Association. She’s delivered two TEDx talks on the power of the freelance economy for enabling freedom and flexibility and how it’s being used to address the technical skills gap in the U.S. Laura is the host of the Advanced Freelancing podcast, a sought-after public speaker on the gig and digital freelance economy, and a freelance coach focused on aspiring six-figure freelancers. Laura’s books, courses, and coaching have reached over 10,000 people.

As a military spouse, Laura is passionate about serving her community and founded Operation Freelance, a nonprofit organization that teaches veterans and military spouses how to become freelancers and start their own business.