In this episode freelance copywriter and screenwriter Marc Isaacs shares what to look for in non-disclosure agreements, the legal implications, and how to grow your freelance business around the confidentiality restrictions.

You’ll learn how to leverage the work you’ve done as a freelancer to get other clients while maintaining confidentiality.

Here are some things we covered in this episode:

  • What to look for in non-disclosure agreements
  • Getting clarification in NDA’s
  • Should you get an attorney to review NDA?
  • Respecting your client and honoring your agreement
  • Challenges of working around NDA’s and how it affects your freelance business
  • Entering into client relationships when unable to disclose who your client is
  • Leveraging the work you’ve done as a ghost writer to get other clients
  • Getting testimonials and social proof with confidentiality restrictions
  • Should you use an NDA in your own business?
  • Protecting your brand as a freelancer

Marc Isaacs is a freelance copywriter and screenwriter based in San Antonio, Texas. His clients are thriving small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries, including technology, medical, travel, AI, entertainment, and more. He launched a freelance writing career in 2004 following multiple positions in broadcast news where he produced local newscasts and field produced for national network news organizations.

Among Isaacs’ most notable career accomplishments are creating and producing a children’s educational TV series called Houston ZooperStars Challenge, which earned multiple Lone Star Emmy nominations, and writing and directing a television pilot called The Legend of Marshal Dead, which is currently in post-production. His writing and producing for television also includes holiday and event-related programming for broadcast affiliate stations, including a TV special for the largest indoor livestock exhibition and rodeo in the world . In addition to writing and producing content, he’s a professional actor with membership in SAG-AFTRA since 2014.

Isaacs is originally from upstate New York, raised and educated in a rural region along New York’s border with Ontario, Canada. He’s currently developing film and television scripts based on true stories set in that region’s small towns, and he’s been researching family stories for a book he’s writing about his mother and her 13 siblings. He relocated to Houston, Texas in 2001 and has spent most of the last two decades in the Lone Star State with a few years spent in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Los Angeles, California.

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