So you’ve launched a product or service you’re really proud of, complete with a stellar membership site, but all you hear are crickets. Today’s guest has firsthand experience with this frustrating scenario, and she is here to help you learn from her mistakes and build an audience first. 

Nathalie Doremieux and her husband, Olivier, spent ten years working as software engineers in Silicon Valley before returning to their native France and founding New Software Marketing in 2006. But they made the mistake of thinking that if they built a quality piece of software, people would find them. Because of their inexperience in the marketing realm, the business struggled.

Down to their last $2,000, Nathalie and Olivier invested in a coach who changed their perspective, pushing them to focus on skills they might leverage to monetize quickly. It was then that they niched down to web design and membership sites, and New Software Marketing took off. Five years later, the multi-six-figure business serves entrepreneurs and public figures including Kimra Luna, James

Five years later, the multi-six-figure business serves entrepreneurs and public figures including Kimra Luna, James Wedmore and Kate Northrup. Today Nathalie shares the importance of ‘the hustle’ early in your entrepreneurial journey, how she and her husband approach working together, and the biggest mistakes people make in building websites. Listen and learn how to build an audience that will make your product launch a success!

Key Takeaways

The mistakes Nathalie made in building her business

  • Hid behind expertise
  • Ignored marketing piece

How Nathalie pinpointed web pages and membership sites as niche

  • Sought help of coach
  • Determined what could monetize quickly
  • Built list of people with interest in establishing websites
  • Developed a reputation in space (via blogging, etc.)
  • Saw need for memberships sites in offline entrepreneurs seeking online presence

The importance of ‘the hustle’ early on in your entrepreneurial journey

  • Quit 9 to 5 for 24/7
  • Must build business first, then enjoy four-hour work week

The necessity of building an audience

  • Nathalie created online course, built membership site
  • Launch fell flat because she overlooked marketing component

How Nathalie approaches working with her husband

  • Became entrepreneur for love
  • Had to acquire entrepreneurial mindset
  • Clearly defined roles (she is face of company, he works behind-the-scenes)

Nathalie’s biggest accomplishment in business thus far

  • Accepting invitation to speak on stage
  • Boosted business to next level
  • To grow, you must get comfortable with being uncomfortable

The biggest mistakes people make in designing websites

  • Make themselves the focus, rather than the visitor
  • Must convince visitor you can do something for them in five seconds
  • Goal is to add visitor to list with free content



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Over 20 years of experience as a software engineer. Co-Creator of a multi-six-figure business serving entrepreneurs and public figures. As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Nathalie Specializes in Sales Process Automation, Marketing Automation Strategy, WordPress Development, Ecourse setup.

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