When your phone pings, it can be tough for a freelancer to ignore. Who is it? What do they need? Is it a potential client?

Many of us are addicted to email, and we have a very difficult time maintaining focus on our writing. We may even believe that we are getting more accomplished by multi-tasking. But the truth of the matter is that constantly changing lanes in your brain makes it more difficult to get things done – and it’s mentally taxing.   

Laura is back with a solo podcast as part of her Become a Better Writer series. She shares her best advice about breaking your addiction to email, batching like-tasks to increase productivity, and utilizing available tools to eliminate distractions. Listen and learn how to create high-quality content in less time as you maximize your income potential!

Key Takeaways

The concept of batching

  • Defined as doing like tasks together
  • Requires organization

The benefits of batching

  • Allows your brain to hit its stride and maintain focus
  • Adds up to ten hours of productivity per week
  • Increases income potential

How to deal with unforeseen circumstances

  • Adjust your schedule as needed
  • Give yourself wiggle room

Pareto’s Principle

  • Work ‘expands’ to fill amount of time to complete
  • We are more likely to adhere to self-imposed deadlines

Laura’s tips to avoid email distractions and minimize time spent in correspondence

  • When you’re in writing mode, turn off your email
  • Schedule time blocks to respond to email (e.g.: Laura spends one hour twice a day)
  • In responses, give clients the next unnecessary step (i.e.: “no need to reply”)
  • Utilize a scheduling tool to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth
  • Employ an auto-responder to let clients know you are unavailable 

The dangers of multi-tasking

  • Generates anxiety
  • Takes 20-30 minutes to regain focus
  • Makes you feel tired
  • Decreases productivity



Deep Work by Cal Newport


Acuity Scheduling

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