Many entrepreneurs – especially creatives – suffer from a bad case of Shiny Object Syndrome. We have so many ideas that it can be difficult to complete one project in its entirety before our mind has pulled focus to another.

Rita Morales helps business owners and entrepreneurs create and monetize a business they love through one-on-one coaching, custom web design, and mini-courses. Through her company, Rita Morales Brand + Business Design, she assists clients in gaining brand clarity and designing a robust marketing strategy. Rita’s interest in web design began when she was the office manager of a real estate firm, and she was tasked with maintaining the company website. Equipped with new skills like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, she got addicted to learning all things web creation and was soon designing her own. Rita moved to another corporate job but used her lunch hours to lay the foundation for her own venture – until the circumstances were right to escape corporate life and begin her own online business.

Today, Rita helps you combat Shiny Object Syndrome, define the branding for your business, and develop marketing strategies that generate results. Learn her techniques for short- and long-term planning, and discover how to harness consistency, accountability and focus on getting things done!

Key Takeaways

Rita’s recommendations re: the structure of a workday

  • Consider using the first part of the day to grow your own business
  • Then move on to client tasks in the second portion of your day

When to define the branding for your business

  • Should be the first step
  • May evolve over time as your mindset/desires change

How to establish your brand

  • Identify your dream clients and their struggles
  • Design your business to serve that specific audience

Rita’s best tips to curb Shiny Object Syndrome

  • Finish one thing before you go on to the next
  • Keep your eyes on your own paper
  • Prioritize one or two areas
  • Work with consistency, accountability, and focus
  • Enjoy the results over time

Rita’s strategies for long-term planning

  • Plan in three-month intervals
  • Select one area of focus for each month
  • Reverse engineer supports for that month’s focus area

How to stand out in a competitive market

  • Create your user profiles and market yourself consistently
  • Determine what you bring to the table that’s different
  • Capitalize on your unique value proposition to connect with clients

Rita’s advice for using social platforms to expand your client base

  • Bring value to your own Facebook group and contribute to others’
  • Build and nurture your email marketing list


Connect with Rita Morales

After escaping the corporate life almost three years ago, I started by focusing on creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind web designs. Although I love creating, the one thing that all of my clients agree on is that I teach them to create and monetize a business they love. You can find me at http://ritamorales.com where I work with select design clients and teach a variety of useful business bits through mini courses and consulting on all things online business. I love all things branding, design, and optimization.




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