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How Much Should Freelancers Pitch Each Week?-EP099

How Much Should Freelancers Pitch Each Week?-EP099

I’m so glad you're tuning in for another episode of the Advanced Freelancing podcast. Now this episode was inspired by a handful of one on one clients and strategy session clients who come to me because they feel like they're not booking enough business or that their...

Pitching with Abbi Perets-EP097

It's rare that I find someone else whose advice on freelancing I really trust. But that's not the case for my guest today. Because it's very easy to take and trust her advice. My guest today is Abbi Perets. She wants moms to know you don’t have to choose between kids...

Thanks to Laura, I’ve earned my first few hundred dollars, and know for a fact that I am capable of earning a decent income from freelancing. PHOEBE MEETON

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