Outsourcing Tips

Why People Fail to Hire Their First Virtual Assistant

In the Better Biz Academy, I am always focused on how you can run your business more effectively and one of the topics that I consistently return to is the value of hiring the right virtual assistant.

In order to enable you to leverage your time and make more money, you will need to consider incorporating a virtual assistant into your business at some point in time. 

In this week’s YouTube video, learn more about why a virtual assistant should be seen an investment rather than an expense as you go about the process of delegating and moving tasks off your plate. 

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How To Spot A Must-Keep Virtual Assistant

When you initiate the process of hiring your first virtual assistant or even adding someone to your team after you’ve been in operation for a while, it is ideal to recognize good talent when you see it.Many people who have gone through the process of hiring a virtual...

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Avoid These First Time Digital Hiring Mistakes

It's certainly an exciting opportunity when you think about putting your online business together and being able to hire out your digital team. However, if you make these mistakes early on in the process, you could end up kicking yourself down the road and finding...

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