Outsourcing Tips

The #1 Person You Need to Scale Your Business

Today I’m here to chat with you about the number one person you need to scale your business. If you’re the solopreneur who’s still wearing 25 different hats and doing everything, hiring this person is an important step in growing your business.

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How Virtual Assistants Changed the Life of This Six-Figure Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, my business initially started off being able to provide virtual assistant services and freelance writing content to other people. However, as my business grew quickly over the course of the past five years, I realized that I simply could not do everything on my own anymore, thus my introduction to the world of hiring virtual assistants to help me.

Since that time, I’ve trained and assisted hundreds of wannabe virtual assistants in launching their own careers. I have even helped provide matchmaking services to busy entrepreneurs who need help outsourcing some tasks.

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My Top Tips for Outsourcing on a Budget

If you’ve reached that point in your business where you are missing deadlines, failing to dedicate your time to tasks that contribute to your bottomline or worse, feeling like you are your own bottleneck – it might be time to consider outsourcing certain tasks. And while this represents exciting times for your business, I fully understand the stress that goes along with the idea of having to pay someone to do tasks that you are more than capable of doing yourself. This week’s video goes into my top mindset and implementation tips for outsourcing on a budget.

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When to Hire a VA

In this week’s training video, I share my thoughts on the popular question ‘When should I hire my first virtual assistant?’ Rather than focus on a specific timeframe in an entrepreneur’s life however, I go into different situations that signal at the possibility that it is time. I also talk about the mindset necessary to embark on the hiring journey and the types of tasks that you might consider outsourcing. 

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How To Spot A Must-Keep Virtual Assistant

When you initiate the process of hiring your first virtual assistant or even adding someone to your team after you’ve been in operation for a while, it is ideal to recognize good talent when you see it.Many people who have gone through the process of hiring a virtual...

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