I want to share with you why I chose a very particular process when outsourcing my latest round of adding team members to my digital team.


Highs and Lows of Hiring

I provide a lot of information and tips on outsourcing here on my blog and on my YouTube channel. I’ve hired most of my team members myself, and that’s been a strategy that I’ve refined over years. Some of the people that I’ve hired are excellent. They’re amazing; I love working with them.

And then other people have been brought on and have either stayed for a while and been an obvious not fit and left, or started and were such an issue right away that I had to let them go.

I took myself out of the equation because the last time that I tried to hire someone in an executive assistant role, I felt that I was seeing qualities in other people that I felt I had. I wanted to give them a chance because I remember what it was like when I was starting out.  

Unfortunately, I brought some people on to my team who were not the right fit. One person quit for no reason the morning they were supposed to begin working. Another team of people spent six months working for me and did absolutely nothing right and left a mess of problems behind.

I realized that maybe I needed to pull myself out of the initial review of the candidates. Even though I’ve successfully hired for many other people’s freelance teams, it was too personal of a process for me. It was also a huge time investment.


Outsource Your Hiring

Empower a Team Member

You can empower other people on your team to streamline the hiring process. An advantage of this is your team member already knows your style and what’s needed to go through the applications.

A great example: my project manager recently reviewed all of the applications for my new online business manager position, which was filled by someone who is doing an excellent and amazing job already.

To get started, I put out the call for applications. Then I had my project manager screen the applications, interview the top candidates, and then present the top candidates to me to interview.

It helped tremendously because it cut down on the amount of work and decisions to make.  (I’m always trying to streamline. Decision fatigue is a real thing, especially when you own a business or multiple businesses. You make so many decisions a day. You don’t need any more pressure.)


Work with a Placement Service

There are lots of services out there that can help match you with the right virtual assistant. What you’re going to need in order to make the most of those kinds of services is to know exactly what it is you want the team members to do. Then you can pay a placement service or a VA matching service. Sometimes you’re allowed to post to their group or network of freelancers and you have to cull through the applications. Or the service will put the call out there for candidates and then present the top candidates to you before you do the final interview.

I needed to add two more people to my team for some research-related tasks and website improvements, projects that had been on the backburner forever. Even thinking about putting out the call for applications made me feel super overwhelmed, so I wanted to take myself out of that process as well.

So, I hired a service who suggested the candidates for me. It made things so much easier. They did all of the legwork.


Why Paying a Service to Hire My VAs Worked So Well For Me


The person that worked with me to find these candidates helped clarify what  I needed. After I explained what I was looking for, she said, “I don’t think you can do this with one VA.  You’re going to need two VAs. Here’s how I recommend we slice those job tasks up.”

Then we determined the exact tasks and number of hours for each role. She sourced and interviewed the candidates and came to me with the top candidate in each selection. I scheduled a Skype interview with both of the VAs that I ended up hiring to make sure it was the right fit, explain that this would be a trial position and all of that.  


Placement Guarantee

With their premium service, not only were this hiring service bringing me the top candidates.If something happened in the first 90 days with either of the people I hired, they would find me a replacement. This was huge. I did not want another situation where I would have to go back to the drawing board and find somebody new, frustrated that I hired someone and it didn’t work out.


Time Savings

We’re about one month in on those contracts, and both of the candidates are working out really, really well. It was such a breath of fresh air for me to cut out the initial review of candidates, which is the most time intensive piece of the process. If you’ve ever looked at job applications from freelancers or VAs, a lot of the material is not good. You’re not going to work with them but you still have to spend some time reading their information. To pass that off to somebody else who then presents the top-quality candidates was really helpful.


Take Your Emotions Out of the Equation

It also helped to take some of my personal emotions out of it. You’re always going to make mistakes when you’re outsourcing and hiring people for your digital team. I wanted to be more aware of the fact that I have done that in the past. I’ve hired really excellent people on my team and I’ve also hired people who are a complete waste of money and time. I wanted to not be the one solely responsible for pulling people in and bringing them on board.


It Was So Worth It

If you have questions about particular services or recommendations, let me know in the comments below. I’m so happy that I made this choice, both with having someone already on my team help with the high-level position and then a total outsider help me with the two brand new positions. It was really well worth the money.  


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