When your business has grown to a point where you need to outsource certain tasks, it’s important to go into the VA hiring process understanding that the industry has really evolved. In addition to the traditional VA who focuses on offering general administrative support, we now have a wide range of VA specializations available to us. This includes social media, graphic design, tech and WordPress VAs. This week’s video goes into the reasons why hiring a graphic design VA made absolute sense for me in my business, and why you might consider one too.


Hello fans of betterbizacademy.com and the Better Biz Academy podcast. I recently added a graphic social media VA to my team and it kind of got me thinking about how to know why you should outsource certain tasks to someone who has this background in graphic design. You might handle graphic design by yourself in your business for a while and sort of do it ad hoc and different team members are contributing to it. That’s certainly what happened in my business. I had three different people who were contributing and unfortunately, the downside of that was that even though we were producing a lot of images, they weren’t very consistent. So, I decided to continue working with someone, one of those people on a retainer basis in order to have consistency across my brands’ images and to have one go-to person for all creation of graphic design. So, banners, PDF handouts, social media images, anything that was going to go out with my name or my company’s name on it; I wanted it to be super consistent with the same general guidelines and look and so that there was always one go-to person that we could turn to for the creation of those materials. Now why should you hire somebody specifically like this instead of doing it yourself. Now you certainly can do it yourself, but it may not be the best use of your time. Somebody who is a professional, may be able to do it more quickly than you, they may be able to do it, make it look more professional that you are and it certainly takes a big chunk of work off your plate, if someone who has a background in graphic design is handling it on your team. So, if you are finding that its cumbersome for you to do it, if you finding that it takes you tremendous amount of time and it never looks quite right or you are not up to date on all the latest tools and techniques for creating graphic materials, then outsourcing it specifically to a graphic social media expert is a great idea because a graphics person will be able to replicate similar looks with different images and materials. It’s important when hiring a graphics VA to have a conversation with them about the different types of materials you’ll be needing and what you intend to use them for. A VA can’t be effective unless they understand why you are going to be using the certain materials and things might look different for Pinterest versus an image that’s going to be the featured image on your blog. So, if you are using the same material in multiple places, you want to make sure you either have different images or images that are all complementary and work well for every single platform. So, I strongly recommend hiring a graphics VA, if you don’t have the time to do it, if you don’t have the knowhow to do it, if you don’t really enjoy doing it and if you want to have one central person you can turn to for the quick and effective creation of a whole lot of materials for your business.