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Every so often, I’ll encounter a person who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to interact with a digital team member. They simply don’t realize all of the time that they could gain back or all of the benefits associated with hiring a virtual assistant or other members of their digital team. You may be wondering whether outsourcing is right for you or not. The truth is that any individual who has a limited amount of time (which is everyone, by the way) can benefit from having a virtual assistant.


Many People Don’t Start Because They Don’t Know How

Most people simply don’t know where to start or they’re concerned that they will end up getting burned and decide to control everything themselves. The truth is that as you grow your business or even as your personal life expands with new responsibilities such as volunteer work, family or other goals, you will need assistance to help keep it all straight. In the same way that you might outsource help by getting a babysitter or nanny to give you few hours of focused work time while they watch the kids or hiring a maid to help clean their house every so often. It can be extremely beneficial to outsource work digitally. (Have you snagged my freebie about 70+ tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant?)

The truth is that you’re probably spending a tremendous amount of time on administrative tasks that aren’t really bringing you in any extra money but are simply draining your time and your energy.


Why You Need to Outsource

The answer to the question ‘Is outsourcing right for you?’ is typically ‘Yes’ so long as you have a number of responsibilities that could be given to another person. What many people who are new to outsourcing do not realize is that oftentimes, the people you outsource your work to can do it faster and even better than you.

This is because no one person is great at everything. There are probably some things in your business that you’re excellent at and these are probably the activities that generate revenue for you. However, there’s a good chance that you’re spending all kinds of other time doing different activities that are not generating revenue. Even worse, some of these activities may be things that you actually hate or are not much good at doing. Outsourcing them to someone who is less expensive than you and your time can be an extremely advantageous for your business because it frees up time and energy for you to focus on those revenue generating activities that are in your zone of genius.


Spend Your Time and Energy on Tasks That Only You Can Do

Outsourcing is right for you if you have come to the conclusion that you are spending far too much time working on tasks that you should not be doing. The truth is that yes; outsourcing can be hard. You may have to go through several different team members before arriving at the right combination of people. You may experience a few challenges, let some people go from your team, and decide on a list of things that perhaps you need to do versus those that need to be outsourced. However, outsourcing is a journey and it is one that can be extremely beneficial when you are willing to allow yourself to learn the right lessons.