Outsourcing Session

You know you need to hire a virtual assistant or another person on your digital team but you don’t know where to start or you recently hired someone and the relationship didn’t work out and now you can’t figure out exactly why. Having too many things on your plate is the challenge of the modern entrepreneur.


It is extremely important to build your team because it is one of the most effective ways to scale your business and begin working with amazing people who could help you become more effective at what you already do.


My virtual team has been a crucial component of my success in the last several years. I first started outsourcing in 2014 and now have built a team of five virtual assistants, many of whom have worked for me for years or more.


Recognizing the challenges that most entrepreneurs face in the virtual assistant identification, hiring and training process, I now offer strategy sessions to entrepreneurs who need help figuring out a particular piece of the puzzle.


In our 60-minute strategy session, we’ll tackle what’s most pressing to you in your business, which can cover things like:

·      How to write a great job description.

·      How to figure out the first person you need to hire.

·      What activities should be outsourced immediately.

·      How to set up training and other materials you’ll need in advance of hiring a VA.

·      How to interview the right VA.

·      How to write amazing instructions for your virtual assistant.

·      How to determine whether to hire someone in the U.S. or off-shore.

·      What you can anticipate as far as setting up payments and retainers.

·      Where to find awesome VAs


Many entrepreneurs hold off on hiring a virtual assistant for way too long, so by the time they come to me for a strategy session, they are in dire need of outsourcing help.

But don’t make the entrepreneur’s most common mistake of outsourcing before you’re ready.

You are likely to hire someone who isn’t the right fit for the job and you’ll end up paying the price.


Sign up for a strategy session below and you’ll receive a questionnaire so we can pinpoint exactly what you need to discuss on your one-hour strategy call. In addition to the call, you’ll get:

·      One week of email support following the call to answer any additional questions.

·      A recap of your action steps.

·      A recording of the course call.

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