Military Spouse’s Guide to Remote Work

Estimates show that military spouses face rates of unemployment anywhere from 10% to 24%. An even bigger range, up to 50% of all spouses, are underemployed.

Military spouses face unique employment challenges. From moving constantly to more time spent out of the workforce overall with gaps, and having to constantly step backwards if a job in their field is not remote or available in the spouse’s new duty station, spouses have often had to put their career in the backseat to support their servicemember.

Remote work offers a unique solution for military spouses who have the desire and characteristics to thrive when working from home. Coming in 2022 from Elva Resa Press, Laura Briggs’ next book, The Military Spouse’s Guide to Remote Work, explores how to evaluate yourself for remote work, find jobs, apply, and receive and negotiate meaningful employment regardless of your spouse’s military status or station.