Freedom. Flexibility. Income. It’s all possible as a virtual assistant.

Did you know office, research, and data entry skills mean that you don’t have to report to an office anymore? That you can work instead on your own schedule with clients you choose?


With more than 57 million freelancers in the U.S., there’s never been a better time to start your own business. Virtual assistant work is one of the easiest and most profitable freelance side hustles or careers.


As a virtual assistant, you can make money on your own schedule by choosing to offer in-demand services to entrepreneurs and small business owners who have too much on their plates and not enough time.


Get the action steps you need to get started and begin your location-independent success story working online as a freelance virtual assistant.


In How to Become a Virtual Assistant, you’ll discover how to


·   Decide what services to offer and brush up skills quickly and affordably

·   Find clients and market your new business

·   Treat your business like a business from day one


It’s time to join the freelance revolution.



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Here's What Readers are Saying:

  I have been looking for an in-depth guide to become a virtual assistant for a while and I am super happy I came across this book. It was helpful and insightful. The guide was practical and had good examples of the experience of being a virtual assistant. I especially liked the chapter about what a typical day in the life of a virtual assistant looks like.

Julia Immordino


 This is a great book to read especially during around this time during pandemic when working from home is being normalized. This book really appeals to everyone even to me as a college student who is interested in starting a side hustle while studying at school or hoping to make extra cash on a part-time basis.



-Matt K.


 If you are looking for a way to be your own boss and work from home, Laura Briggs’ book can help you make that a reality. Very easy to read and understand, her well-organized book provides the nuts and bolts you’ll need to start your dream career and make it a success. It is full of practical steps, tools, and tips for starting a business as a Virtual Assistant, and she is your personal guide through the entire process. This is one resource entrepreneurs won’t want to miss! Well done.

-Sandra Duclos

 This book is an excellent guide for those wanting to work from home as a virtual assistant. Laura breaks it down step by step in a way that is easy to understand. It is packed with action steps to cut out the guesswork and common mistakes to avoid. Her podcast and Facebook group are excellent sources of information about growing your business and she has webinars to answer specific questions that we have. Thank you Laura for getting me out of the weeds and helping me grow my business!

-Melissa Swire


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