Let’s talk about how you can use LinkedIn to develop your marketing. LinkedIn is one of my top 3-4 methods used to gain new clients and to build relationships with existing clients too. My existing clients and my referral network is number one. Upwork is currently number two. And LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly important part of my freelance marketing strategy.

If you want to make money as a freelancer on LinkedIn, you don’t need to pay for premium. You also don’t need to use ProFinder, which is a tool that sends you relevant jobs that are close to your geographic location. In fact, you can use all of the benefits of LinkedIn for free and still have it be a really beneficial strategy.

Now the thing to consider as you build your freelance business on LinkedIn is that it takes time to see traction. You must be willing to test things out and see whether you are getting a response. You can even be receiving leads as a freelancer on LinkedIn without proactively reaching out and connecting with other people. You can leverage your existing network, you can make sure that you show up in the search tools as effectively as possible. In this post, I want to talk specifically about what you can do to make your freelance profile really stand out and how to use article marketing on LinkedIn for success.

I have been on LinkedIn for years but it has only been in the last year that I have had any success with growing my freelance business there and that is because I decided to take it seriously. The few things that I did there were really three things that I did that translated to me active leads in my inbox, me receiving contacts from my website, and people would say on the contact form that they found me via LinkedIn and then I would see that someone from that company had viewed by profile.

LinkedIn Tip #1: Optimize your profile summary and headline

I was committed to making my profile summary and headline as related to my clients as possible and I switched it often. If something wasn’t getting traction, I would switch up the headline and change things around. I made sure that my buzz words for my form of freelance writing were always appearing in that profile summary, in my specific job that details that I am the owner of a freelance writing company for lawyers – and I tested it. Every couple of weeks, I would change my headline, I would change my summary, but it all was targeted to those keywords that my clients might be searching for. This process helped tremendously.

LinkedIn Tip #2: Engage with those In Your Target Market

The second thing that I did that helped a lot was I participated on other people’s posts and within groups about my target market. So if people were talking about legal content marketing, I was commenting on their posts and sharing their material, I was being actively involved in the conversation to show up as an industry professional who is continuing to educate themselves about this particular corner of the freelance market. This is a great way to grow your connections, to have people reach out to you, and to build name recognition for your freelance writing business as well.

LinkedIn Tip #3:  Publish content Tailored to your ideal client

Then the third thing I did that really helped — I call this doing double duty — so I wrote articles specifically tailored to my ideal clients. I posted them on my freelance writing website and I also posted them on LinkedIn. I posted them on my website only for the SEO benefits of doing so which has helped but actually posting those same articles word for word on LinkedIn has really helped my ideal clients find me on LinkedIn. I’ve been found by recruiters, digital marketing agencies, attorneys because I am writing about the topics that show up in search results for exactly what they need.

The cool thing about all three of these efforts is that they were pretty easy to do. Publishing something once a week should be a goal for you if you are thinking about using LinkedIn for your freelance writing business. It is even something that you can outsource if you have a business that is big enough- you can write the article and then have someone else on your team proofread it, add an image and publish it.

Also, participating in groups and on other people’s posts, follow other people who do similar things to you as a legal blog and content writer. For example, I will follow people who do Google AdWords for attorneys. I will follow people who do all the behind-the-scenes linking work for attorney websites because they are going to be talking about information that is relevant to me. I am educating myself and I am engaging with these power players who are all in the same circles and they may come to me at some point with a referral. That in conjunction with being open to changing my profile and my summary has really helped boost my freelance marketing visibility on LinkedIn.

This post literally only covers half the puzzle. You can get a lot more results by being super proactive about who you connect with on LinkedIn but that is a whole other subject entirely. So here I have covered three easy ways for you to enhance your LinkedIn profile to become visible for freelance opportunities and to really get known as an industry professional. I also have a Facebook group dedicated to freelance marketing mastery — you can find a link to that below. We talk about LinkedIn, Upwork and other tools you can use to constantly land and leverage business and clients.  



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