Ever find that between emails and that written to-do list that you’re not exactly sure what you’re supposed to be working on?

Yep, me too, until I found a central place to keep it all.

Literally- all.

My podcast. My blogs. Things my VAs are working on. Email newsletters. Graphic design work. It’s all in one beautiful (and free!) place. So allow me to blow your mind today and be prepared to rip that paper to-do list up once and for all.

Time and time again business owners come to me and tell me, “Help me! My business is a hot mess and I have no idea how to get out.” Trust me, I’ve been there myself. I felt like a business disaster trying to handle things through email and stuff was always slipping through the cracks ultimately disappointing me and my clients. This is why I want to introduce you to this amazing idea of having a business central command.

You’ve got to have one.

Stop making excuses. Read through this blog post and learn everything you need to know about a free tool you can use to get on track with your business central command. Even better, we’ve got a product in our paid library that’s going to teach you exactly how to use this central command system and make it as effective as possible so you actually get things done and stop feeling like everything is falling apart.

So you’re currently digging back and forth in your emails, that scrap piece of paper with your to-do list on it, and any other tools you might have online.

This makes for a nightmare and it’s so easy to fall behind on projects and become disorganized quickly because you’re trying to keep everything in different places. Having one central location where you can find all of your project based information, your deadlines, your instructions, your guidelines and your goals for the future is amazing.

When I first started a freelance business, a tool like Wunderlist or TeuxDeux worked perfectly- my main job was not to miss client deadlines. When my business expanded, though, and I was responsible for more projects and more people, these fell short. I needed a place where everyone could come together and collaborate and where I could see what was going on at any given time.

At the same time, I was traveling the country as a paid speaker for a nonprofit, and they added me to a Trello board. Nine people in different time zones were collaborating on projects together, keeping track of documents, and logging in to get updates. My mind was blown- this tool was easy to use and free (two must-haves if you’re not tech savvy, in my opinion.)

Be prepared, because this tool could turn your world upside down in the BEST way possible.

Let me introduce you to that free tool and it’s called Trello. Trello literally changed my life. Like, I’m not kidding. It changed my life. Trello is now essential to how I run my business but honestly, it helps me manage my life too. Trello is a free tool that allows you to set up a visual board where you can add tasks on different lists. I love setting up Trello for advanced companies and even smaller businesses with only solopreneurs.

That’s what’s so great about Trello is that it’s flexible for everything.

Trello is great because it keeps everybody accountable by putting tasks on a common board. It’s clear what everybody is responsible for and there are no excuses for falling behind. Furthermore, it takes all of that crap out of your inbox and keeps it in Trello so that you can sign in once per day and see all of your notifications.

No more losing materials or wondering what that link to the Google document is or being concerned about whether or not people have access to the instructions they need to do their jobs.

Trello takes care of all of that for your by putting it in one central command.

Stop losing materials.

Stop making excuses about why you’re so disorganized.

Get everything together and put in a couple of hours on Trello and you’ll watch it pay off in spades. Oh, and hey, your digital team will also love you because everything is in one place.


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