If you are like any entrepreneur  (or maybe I’m specifically speaking for myself, that I’m sometimes way too disorganized) then you could potentially benefit from an online business manager.

Once you reach a point in your business where you have solid profits and are growing your revenue, it is important to consider what you can take off your plate. Initially, you may begin to outsource things to a virtual assistant or someone who handles particular tasks for you such as graphic design or social media.

While these are beneficial and allow you to focus your time on other things, you may also need a higher level VA who can assist you with strategic decisions and the development of a comprehensive marketing plan.

When is it Time for an OBM?

Accomplishing all of these goals feels impossible when it’s just you or a two-man team. But an online business manager may be the person you need to step in and handle all of these concerns for you. An online business manager goes one step beyond a virtual assistant. Where a virtual assistant is most well-known for taking tasks off of your plate and being able to give you more time back, an online business manager is like having a second brain. This is why it’s so important that when you hire an OBM, you hire somebody who is knowledgeable about your vision for your business.

If you do not have a clear connection and understanding about your bigger vision from an OBM, you’re going to hit roadblocks and end up firing this person. An OBM should understand the vision for your business and the way in which you operate. Now bear in mind that this person will probably push back on some of your procedures. That’s because, to put it simply, they may know better than you.

Letting Go of Some Control so an OBM Can Step In

You have to accept that you do not know everything about managing projects or organizing your business. That’s part of the reason that you’d need to hire an OBM in the first place. An OBM can serve as a go-between for you and your digital team but he or she can also step in to help with some of the strategic decisions for your business as a whole.

What Kinds of Tasks Can an OBM Do?

Designing an editorial marketing calendar for the next quarter, evaluating reports from Google analytics and other team members, and managing administrative tasks all fall under the umbrella of an OBM. OBMs typically charge more and provide more comprehensive services because of their experience in the field. Many of them started off as virtual assistants but graduated later to becoming an OBM. To know whether or not you need an OBM in your business, you need to answer some important questions. These include:

  • What would you have someone do if they could step into your business today to help you grow?

  • What are you spending the majority of your time on in your business? Are you working on the company or in it?

  • If you could have a business bestie step in and help you work through major problems, what exactly would that person do?

These questions can help you determine whether or not it makes sense to get an OBM to work with you.

The right OBM can make a world of difference. I went from hot mess to having an editorial calendar. I was able to develop and publish a podcast twice a week thanks to an OBM. I even launched a YouTube channel because I had an OBM to help with it. I was also able to cut back on efforts that simply were not moving my business forward.

Having an OBM, when it’s the right person, you can stop feeling like a disaster (well, at least feeling like a disaster most of the time) and start feeling like you’re on top of your goals.

You’ll still have breakdowns.

You’ll still make mistakes.

But there will be less and less of these as you grow, allowing your company and you to flourish. 


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