In this week’s video, I am talking to those of you who are exploring the possibility of setting yourself up as a new virtual assistant and I answer the question, “Is becoming a VA still a good idea?”

I go into why I still maintain that entering the virtual assistant industry is a viable business opportunity; now and going into 2018. I touch on the recent boom in blogging and online businesses and its effect on the industry. This, along with the increasing focus on saving costs and streamlining business processes from both the corporate and entrepreneurial world, further supports my positon. Finally, I also talk about the types of skills and experience that are perfect segue ways into the virtual assistance space. 

While you are here, I strongly recommend that you check out one of my free courses called “VA 101: Why now is the best time to be a virtual assistant.” You’ll learn what VAs make, why they are in high demand, and why it’s easier than you think to get started!

Full Transcript:

So, is it still a good idea to become a virtual assistant? You might assume that the market is flooded now because so many people have started successful virtual assistant careers in the last couple of months and years. However, I still maintain that we are on the very edge of the virtual assistant revolution. Why do I say that? Because blogging and online businesses have taken off tremendously in recent years. That means that all of those people who started their business a year or two years ago or just now getting to the point where they need a virtual assistant to help them. There are so many other companies that are going from a traditional brick and mortar situation to telecommuting or using freelancers as well and they are open to working with virtual assistants to streamline operations and make their company more effective. It is a great opportunity to become a virtual assistant in 2017 or 2018 because the demand is huge. I have yet to go a full week without getting at least one request for a referral for a virtual assistant. People who don’t even own an online business are looking to work with VAs because our lives have gotten busier.

As information knowledge workers in this economy, we are responsible for keeping track of an insane amount of data and an insane amount to-do things on our schedule. That means more people are looking to virtual assistants as they climb the corporate ladder or grow their individual business because they need help getting things done, and a VA is a great way to get those things done.

If you have any background in doing administrative work or if you have done some online projects before, there is a strong chance that you would be a good fit as a virtual assistant. And I encourage you to jump on it now. I follow many different people in the virtual assistant space; I have trained dozens of virtual assistants at this point in time. Many of whom are fully booked and even have waiting lists for their services, so that just goes to show you that good virtual assistants are in high demand and it is a great opportunity for you to start your own business.

One of the coolest things about starting a VA business is that it’s flexible and gives you a tremendous amount of freedom but you don’t have to invest a lot of money upfront to make it happen. If you’ve got Wi-Fi and a computer, you have got almost everything you need to start your VA business and there is lots of free tools out there to teach yourself the software and different types of tasks that entrepreneurs need completed.

I strongly encourage you to check out the VA opportunity. I have a free course called “VA 101 – Why now is the best time to become a Virtual Assistant?” to learn more about what virtual assistants do and the crucial role that you can play in a business owners life.

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