This extremely popular question comes about as a result of the fact that many people are looking into establishing a side hustle or looking for ways to make extra money. As someone with more than five years of freelance writing experience under my belt, I still get this question regularly because plenty of people are not familiar with the opportunity to work online.

In general, when a person says that they have a freelance writing business, they are referring to the fact that they write some type of content (whether it is blogs, books, white papers, corporate reports, technical articles or more), for clients located all over the world. Freelance refers to more of a business categorization in comparison with an employee. An employee will often have to report to a particular place of work, work specific hours and is salaried. A freelancer, however, is paid by the hour or by the content piece delivered and a freelance writing business involves having a stable of clients who provide work opportunities.

A freelance writing business empowers you to work on your own time and to work with only the clients you desire to work with. This gives you a great deal of freedom and flexibility. Due to the fact that many clients today recognize the value of posting material on the internet, you could have the opportunity to be a print freelance writer, a digital freelance writer, or both.

A freelance writing business allows you to determine the type of clients that you will select. A freelance writing business empowers you to work as many or as few hours as you would like. You may also choose what type of content to work on and how many clients you’ll be working with at any given time. Freelancers work on a contract basis, although sometimes retainers are also available.

On a contract basis, you will be brought in to work on a very specific project. The terms of this project will be outlined in your contract with the company. It will outline such things as how long the project is likely to take, how you will be paid and other pertinent details regarding deliverability. What makes a freelance writing business different from other types of businesses is that you will find freelance writers of all different walks of life and backgrounds pursuing it but they all have one core factor in their business, and that is writing ability.

A freelance writing business is usually established because someone knows that they have a general writing talent and a desire to write words for others. They have a great grasp on grammar, structure, flow, and spelling that allows them to articulate things as a ghostwriter or as a byline on their own. Ghostwriters are those who have a freelance writing business, who generate content as if it was created by the person who ultimately publishes it. This means that your name will not be attached to the final product. A byline is different because a byline involves being paid for a piece that is published in say, a print magazine where your name is also attached to the article. Both of these types of ways to run a freelance writing business can also be mixed. For example, you might write an article that has your byline one month but focused primarily on clients who are giving you ghostwritten opportunities the rest of the month.

No matter how you choose to run a freelance writing business, it is important that you care about mastering your craft. Practicing writing will allow you to become much better at this skill and allow you to more easily market yourself to a broad range of clients.

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