As a freelancer, there will be occasions when you will want (or need) to consider reaching outside of your comfort zone and offering services that are perhaps different but related to your core proposition. Today, I am sharing with you three complementary services that you can offer as a freelance writer.


Hello new and experienced freelance writers! Today, I am going to talk about three ways that you can expand your skillset into the new areas to capitalize on income opportunities and to learn new things and provide even better services to your clients. You are not always going to be doing specifically freelance writing projects. Occasionally, someone might come to you with another opportunity and if it’s a good chance to sharpen that skillset or to add some extra income to your business, I encourage you to consider it. There are three favorite ways of mine in order to add additional income to your company and offer these complimentary services.

The first one is becoming an editor. It’s so easy to be an editor if you are already a wordsmith and you have been writing and you understand vocabulary and grammar. A lot of times people need a proofreader or an editor to work on projects and it’s a very similar skill set to writing. So, it’s such an easy complementary service to offer. I have a course all about how to become a freelance editor and how I’ve done it and landed some really lucrative contracts doing so over on Udemy. But I just love the fact that you get the experience to work with many different clients. You learn new things, editing other people’s work and it’s so similar to writing that it doesn’t feel too far outside your wheelhouse.

The second set of services you can offer as a writer is really more in the realm of being a virtual assistant. You might add some virtual assistant services to your business to add extra income or to upsell your clients into bigger packages. So, what are some great examples? If you are writing blog posts or web content for your clients, you might upsell them into a package where you actually post it to the site for them or you create custom images or where you share it on social media. These are really more virtual assistant tasks, but your clients benefit because you are already creating the content and can make everything look cohesive from beginning to end. And it’s one last thing they have to worry about. That’s a great way to upsell clients into new products and packages and it’s not that difficult compared to what you are doing as a writer. You are just adding some administrative steps.

My third favorite thing to branch out into as a freelance writer is product management work. Now this means hiring or managing other projects or freelancers for somebody else. Let me give you a great example; I have a client who hired me to build their Trello board for them. I know a lot about Trello and use it in my businesses as well as my personal life and when they found out that I was an expert in Trello, they asked me to build their entire company’s Trello workflow and teach their employees how to use it. Outside of my day to day work, that’s not something I would have put together a package for and begun pitching. It was a great complementary service with a client I really enjoy working for.

These are just three examples of services that you can add to your bottom line to help you make more money, learn new things and become an all-around better freelancer.