Running a Freelance Biz

How to Test Your Business Product Idea First

Putting something out into the world that’s been sparked by your creative process is a really personal thing to do. It can be terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. You have all your hopes and dreams pinned on this workbook, course, ebook, or training selling dozens or hundreds. So what happens when that product sits there and sells nada? All the work you put into it seems for naught even if you know the material you put out was good.

Missing this crucial step of testing your idea could mean lost time and decreased creativity because the next time around, you won’t feel as motivated, even if your idea would be in high demand.

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Udemy Versus Teachable for Online Courses

There are many options out there on how to host your online course. You could do it on your own by installing a membership plugin on your WordPress site. Alternatively, you could choose to work with any one of the many online course platforms out there.

Today, I am going to talk about two of my favorite online course platforms, go into how they are different and share my thoughts on specific instances when one might be more suitable than the other. 

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Your Guide to Banishing Burnout Before It Happens

Burnout is a serious conundrum in the online entrepreneur community today because we are constantly bombarded with advertisements promising the benefits of hustling 24/7, never giving up, taking on more and more projects etc.

Your goal is to avoid this situation before it happens and walk yourself back from the brink of burnout before you reach full-on burnout mode.

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Evaluating Your Previous Business Year to Figure Out What Worked and What Didn’t

One of the most important things that successful people do, and particularly those who run a business, is to keep a mindful eye on where they have come from and where they intend to go.

The turn of the New Year is a great opportunity to set resolutions and new goals, but many times, one of the most overlooked aspects of doing so is in looking at what you achieved. In fact, you might feel that you weren’t successful at achieving your resolutions until you sit down and spend the time to put together an evidence list.

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Using a Weekly Sprint on Your Project Management Tool

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you know that I advocate frequently for using a project management tool such as Trello or Asana to keep track of all of your tasks.

In fact, I have various Asana boards to which I am assigned on behalf of my clients and I use my own series of Trello boards for a number of different projects. I have several different Trello boards, all operating at the same time, some of which are for my personal use but mostly for my team.

I recently discovered however that while Trello or any project management tool can significantly help you in figuring out what you need to outsource and what everyone’s working on at any given time, if you have too many balls in the air, it can be too difficult to keep track of.

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Business Owner Facebook Group Tips

Facebook groups demand a lot of time to set up, manage and moderate. In fact, in recent months, I have seen a number of well-established groups close for a variety of reasons. In this post, I’d like to share with you some of the things you might consider before starting your own Facebook group. These are a few basic tips to help keep the administrative overwhelm in check while keeping your community engaged and happy.

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Tips for Dealing With The Overwhelm in Your Freelance Business

Never ending deadlines? Feeling like you’re no longer in control? Take a deep breath. There is a vast difference between being challenged and being overwhelmed. There could also be a whole spectrum of reasons as to why you might’ve found yourself – as I have – feeling this way. In this post, I reflect on my own experience of feeling overwhelmed in my business, the decisions that led me down that path and the tips I picked up along the way that helped me deal with it better. 

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Pricing Tips for Your Service Based Business

If you are thinking about starting a service based business but can’t seem to decide on a pricing structure or if you’re already up and running but aren’t sure if you’re priced right, you are not alone. Thinking back to when I first started my freelance writing business, I remember not knowing what to charge clients for my services either! Having gone from startup freelancer to successful six-figure freelance business, however, I’m now sharing some of my top tips and considerations for getting your pricing just right. 

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Are Monthly Membership Sites Worth It?

The best and most successful freelancers and entrepreneurs have several things in common and one of those things is the constant drive to do more and do better – which leads me to the topic of this post I wrote recently for Boss Babe. In it, I go into what you might consider as you think about whether a monthly membership site is the best investment for you and your business right now – as an alternative to something like one-on-one coaching. 

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When Your Business Needs a Pivot

An important skill for any freelancer or business owner is knowing when to stay the course vs. change direction. This post I wrote for Boss Babe explains the thought process behind a business pivot and the possible motivators for pivoting. Pivoting can be extremely challenging (and outcomes are never guaranteed!) but there are a few things you can do to make it much easier on yourself.

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Why I have a business cellphone and a personal cellphone

There are a number of reasons why, for the past four years, I have had a business cell phone and a personal cell phone. Yes, this means that I have to carry around two iPhones and have both of them paid for, insured and in a protective case but this has been a great help for me in my business. This post explains why.

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Why I Love Teachable for Online Course Creation

This week’s video takes you through all the reasons why I love using Teachable for my course creation process. I go into my experience with Teachable – from a student and a course creator’s perspective. I also discuss the platform’s usability, student analytics, payment mechanisms as well as affiliate management processes. With more than 20,000 active courses, about 3 million students, and over 7,500 instructors online, it is definitely worth exploring the Teachable platform.

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My Favorite Tool for Podcast Scheduling: Calendly

This week, I am introducing you to my favorite appointment scheduling tool, Calendly. Having recently launched my own podcast which, on a weekly basis, puts the spotlight on two entrepreneurs who are pushing the envelope in their respective fields, it has become really important for me to streamline my scheduling process and reduce much of the email tag that tends to happen when appointment setting happens via email. Calendly has delivered on this need with amazing results for both my guests and I. 

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Why I Don’t Offer Refunds on My Digital Products

Advancements in technology and the internet have made creating and launching digital products like e-books, coaching products, and online courses significantly easier in recent years. With the main investment being your time and expertise, and lots of great delivery options available (E.g. Thinkific, Teachable, Clickbank etc.), digital products are an effective list nurturing tool as well as an alternate source of income. There are lots of considerations that go into the design of your product however, and the refund policy is just one of them. 

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My Favorite Tool for Cold Email Tracking

If you’re a freelance writer, there’s no doubt that you need to employ every marketing strategy that you feel has the potential to help you grow your business. One that has become increasingly popular for individuals who want to work completely from home is the cold email marketing strategy. 

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How to Outline Online Courses Quickly

As an online course creator, it is inevitable that you will, at some point, have to sit down to outline your course. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time course creator or a seasoned one. It also doesn’t matter if  you know exactly how the course will flow or if you are on the other end of the spectrum with no idea of where to begin. The outlining process is a key check point in the process. This week’s video will share my process for outlining a new online course and go into three strategies that work for me every single time.  

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How Mindfulness Can Lessen the Stress of a Deadline

Attempting to meet a deadline can be a stressful experience for the busy professional. We can get lost in thoughts of panic about what will happen if we don’t finish a project, and attempts to avoid the panic felt with every tick of the clock are many and varied.

When you work from home, a deadline can be an incredible motivator to suddenly spruce up your workspace or check out a podcast you’ve been wanting to listen to. In the office, you’ll be more prone to chatting with a colleague or taking a phone call from a long lost client. These are all forms of escaping the present moment.

Deadlines force us to be completely present, instead of escaping. We can no longer put off until tomorrow what must be done today.

A mindfulness practice, even one we engage in just once per week, can help lessen the strain we’re feeling and save us time and energy.

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4 Reasons to Consider Starting a Podcast

With 42 million Americans listening to podcasts weekly and the average listener subscribing to 6 podcasts (source), there are lots of reasons to consider starting a podcast. This video takes what I have learned from the process of launching my own podcast (absolutely loving it!) and shares four more reasons you should consider starting a podcast. 

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