Running a Freelance Biz

Tips for Dealing With The Overwhelm in Your Freelance Business

Never ending deadlines? Feeling like you’re no longer in control? Take a deep breath. There is a vast difference between being challenged and being overwhelmed. There could also be a whole spectrum of reasons as to why you might’ve found yourself – as I have – feeling this way. In this post, I reflect on my own experience of feeling overwhelmed in my business, the decisions that led me down that path and the tips I picked up along the way that helped me deal with it better. 

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Guest Feature: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents

This week, we have writer and owner of the personal finance website, Making Sense of Cents, joining us. In this guest post, Michelle not only shares her journey with us but also talks about what it takes to get into and do well at affiliate marketing. She shares her big tips for getting started (even if you only have a small following) and finding good affiliate opportunities. Have a read!

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